January 15th, 2022

In a time when our actions may be constrained by larger patterns beyond our control, it's easy to get frustrated and jump into action (or relationships) that don't serve our highest good. With both Mercury and Venus retrograde until the end of January, this month is a good time to cultivate practices that keep our minds right and our spirits high while we wait for the right conditions to appear.

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January 1st, 2022 | 01:12:47 | E27

Kairos and Phoenix look into the New Year and propose that voluntary simplicity and a childlike willingness to go for what makes our hearts sing is the best medicine for a year of increasingly divergent realities. We also look at January's key astrology moments and explore simple practices that enable us to disconnect from parasitic shame hook-ins and live as creators, not consumers.

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Brown Is the New Green


If eclipse season (and a whole lotta Scorpio) has you feeling hammered, maybe it's time to sit down, relax, and indulge yourself with a half-hour of astrology, inspiration, and our musings about intentional community, life after the Reset, and surprising free energy solutions we had no freakin' idea about until a week ago!


We also talk about Scorpio season, Friday's Taurus lunar eclipse, and ways we can nurture ourselves and our communities as we head deeper into winter.

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Jupiter stationed direct on Monday in Aquarius, the sign of the collective mind. Aquarius seeks to create a society expressed in the ideals of the French Revolution (which happened the last time Pluto was in Aquarius): Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité.


Jupiter is going to expand the story of our shared future over the next two months. Will we choose to invest our faith in a vision of the world where liberty, equality and community under natural law will finally guarantee us the right to live in freedom and to enjoy the great abundance of our realm? Or will we choose the dystopian fantasies of a handful of sociopaths who see humanity as the real virus threatening the world?


Kairos and Phoenix explore how parallel economies, intentional communities, alignment with the Creator, and love for ourselves and our fellow beings can help us harness our potential and create more beautiful outcomes than the Dark Winter dystopia currently on offer from global governments, media and corporations.


We also discuss the positive potentials of an exact Mars-Jupiter trine on the same day as the Mercury and Jupiter direct stations.

EPISODE 24: Green Zones + the Dimensional Shift

As we foresaw, August is proving to be a month of intensifying pressure in the race to evolve or die. Will enough people wake up, claim their sovereignty, and stand in their power before irreparable damage is done? If you've been feeling the collective anxiety and dread, you're not alone.


Vaccine passport mandates are rolling out in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New Orleans. Protests are erupting all over the world. The corporate media is scapegoating those who choose not to participate in the largest medical experiment in history, despite official evidence of ineffective tests, ineffective inoculation, and troubling side effects. And as the next phase of lockdowns kicks in, fully-vaccinated re-maskers are raging over "the pandemic of the unvaccinated" while parents with trust in natural healing and Creator's intelligence worry if they will be able to feed their families when the passport mandates come to their workplace or grocery store.


As if that weren't enough, the CDC has touted involuntary confinement to "Green Zones" (FEMA camps for the unvaccinated) as the answer to the perennial pandemic. The Army National Guard is recruiting internment/resettlement specialists (must be 17, no experience necessary, monthly guaranteed paycheck!) to oversee civilian camp populations and keep the "unprivileged belligerents" in line. And who might those unprivileged belligerents be?


The Department of Homeland Security issued a bulletin on Aug. 13 identifying Covid lockdown resisters and people who believe in "perceived election fraud" as top potential terror threats heading into the 20-year anniversary of 9-11.


In short, the proverbial shit is really starting to hit the fan. And even though it seems like it's all bad news, there is always alchemical gold to be had for those who are willing to stand in the fire.


The dimensional shift we've anticipated is now upon us. In today's podcast we look at the spiritual and karmic costs of continuing to comply with the global totalitarian biosecurity state. And Phoenix explains how the globalist agenda is merely a front for something even more hideous: the Parasite's agenda to suck as many souls as possible into the fall system it has created as a last-ditch effort to avoid confronting the Creator directly.


(Pro tip: Unless you're down for living in a real hellscape reality where you'll be beyond grateful when your consciousness is finally obliterated and turned into space dust, you do not want to go into the fall system!)


EPISODE 23: The Myth of Scarcity

Uranus is in Taurus, as it was in the 1930s - a decade of mass starvation and genocide. As the Controllers amp up the threat of looming food and power shortages due to "supply chain breakdowns," Kairos and Phoenix explore the myth of scarcity. There's plenty of food stockpiled in warehouses and rotting in the fields. Who benefits from artificially-created scarcity? Is there anything we can do to avoid a repeat of the 1930s?


Kairos and Phoenix say yes, but we have to start now. Listen:

Episode Notes:

I mistakenly said on the pod that Germany's period of extreme hyper-inflation, which led to Hitler seizing power in 1933, happened in the 1930s. The peak of the Weimar Republic hyper-inflation occurred a decade earlier, in 1923. See economist Henry Hazlitt's analysis, Lessons of the German Inflation - Dec. 1, 1976, Foundation for Economic Education website. - Kairos

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"Interestingly, leaked data from the Power Supply section shows that modern-day solar-panel technology was being restricted some 50 years ago. As a result, one can only imagine what’s being suppressed today." FreetheTech Finds 5, 784 Inventions Suppressed by U.S. Government Secrecy Orders, Sam Davis, Sept. 14, 2018, Power Electronics website.


Brothers Stan and Steve Meyer spent 20 years developing an automotive engine that runs on water. Not long after Stan Meyer successfully patented the invention, he was invited to lunch with two shadowy "investors." Meyer insisted they meet in a public place, a Cracker Barrel restaurant. He and his brother sat down with the two men, Meyer took a drink of cranberry juice, stood up and staggered out to the parking lot. He told his brother, "they poisoned me," and died in the parking lot. The Mysterious Death of Stanley Meyer and His Water-Powered Car, Tasha Shayne, January 11, 2020, Gaia.com. (Interestingly enough, the third site that appeared when searching "Stanley Meyer" in Google is a page by Deep State fact-checkers Politifact "debunking" the Meyer brothers' account.)


Watch Dr. Steven Greer's documentary The Unacknowledged for a much broader picture of the suppression of zero-point energy devices, including ARV (reverse-engineering of ET tech) and more. Or dive into the science of new energy at Greer's Orion Project page: https://siriusdisclosure.com/energy/new-energy-research/


Creating the world we want to live in - a world of truth, beauty, and freedom for all - requires courage.

The Great Reset being enacted by the "global elites," Davos billionaires, corrupt politicians, and Big Tech oligarchs may be inevitable if you can't find the courage to throw away your television, free yourself from Facebook, and start doing what you love.


Kairos and Phoenix pose the question: "If not now, when?"


(We also hatch a terrific new reality show modeled after The Amazing Race, where contestants go from state to state entering vaccine lotteries, explore the idea that global resets happen more frequently than almost anyone realizes, and look at recent evidence of our disappearing history.)

Episode Notes:

Jon Levi - Unknown American History (YouTube)

Chiron Last videos (YouTube)

New Moon Report and Come Home to Your Body meditation: https://cosmicfire.org/shop

EPISODE 21: Stop, Drop, and Listen

With the fear pandemic still wrapping its insectoid fingers around the globe and people silently panicking all around you, it can be ridiculously easy to lose sight of one simple, reassuring fact:


You can access the direct knowing of what to do (or avoid doing) through your body in any moment.


In Episode 21 of the Cosmic Fire Podcast, Phoenix and Kairos discuss how to know your truth in any moment and why your integrity and self-respect are so crucial for healing the planet.


Plus, we talk about breaking the curse of ego identification, the difference between genuine care (right action) and socially-approved harm, and why direct contact with Mother Earth is so important.

Episode Notes:

The New Moon Report for the current lunar cycle is now half off here.

EPISODE 20: Power Up!

In Episode 20 of the Cosmic Fire Podcast, we share some of what we've been doing this Spring. We've been spending as much time outdoors as we can, soaking up the vibrant energy of the Tennessee wild flowers and listening to the joyful songs of the blackbirds and mockingbirds.

Phoenix has been growing herbs and making kombucha and Kairos has been hard at work on a new album of generative music, Auric Fields, which is designed to help strengthen your aura using the 528 Hz "DNA repair" frequency.

We talk about why May feels like a crucial month for recharging our energy and refocusing our hearts and minds on the more beautiful world we want to live in.


Kill your television! Stare at cows! Reclaim your mind! It's the Cosmic Fire Podcast....

EPISODE 19: Healing the Split Within

It’s the 381st Day of “15 Days to Slow the Spread" and the cracks in society are widening. After a year of relentless fear programming, enforced isolation, and lack of oxygen to the brain, we are seeing clear warning signs of an unprecedented collective mental health crisis.


And, at the same time, there's tremendous breakthrough opportunity on tap. April's astrology is the most supportive and positive we've seen in a long time. The energy of spring reminds us that life ever seeks to renew itself.

In this podcast, we talk about how important it is to stay grounded and to connect with Nature and with like-minded souls this month. We look at the division in society as an out-picturing of our inner fragmentation. And we talk about the importance of disconnecting from fear-based media narratives.


Which is, in some respects, easier than it has been in many moons. As Phoenix says, "The cool thing about the false mainstream narrative is that it’s so easy to see through it now. The ridiculousness of it is actually helpful because it's impossible to take it seriously!"


Once you recognize how often the classic mind control technique of "moving the goalposts" (constantly changing the story so people can never really find their place in it) is being used against us, you might just decide to unplug from corporate media and social media and create your own story.


Here on the threshold of the Age of Aquarius, we know that we the people are to be the drivers - the authors - of world renewal. The only way the world will change for the highest good of all is when we as individuals become unified within.

Episode Notes:

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EPISODE 18: What We're Seeking in Everything We Do: Interview with Avalon Kalin

How do you release two top-notch albums of healing electronic music in two months? Multifaceted musician, artist, and writer Avalon Kalin joins us to talk about creativity, devotion, beauty, and how we can feel more supported in living the life of our dreams.

"To recognize that life is nothing but creative is a shared life purpose that all of us want to see everywhere and in each other," Avalon says. "We want to know it in ourselves. It’s the sense of meaning we’re searching for in everything we do. And…you can have it right now! It’s right in front of you."


Avalon's takes us into the creative process and spiritual that led to his new releases, Sistrum and Circular Music, and talks about finding a balance between "an overzealous enthusiasm I cannot get rid of" and real life as a father of two young girls.

Episode Notes:

Avalon Kalin is a multi-talented artist and visionary whose creativity manifests in music, installation art, books, printmaking, jewelry, and collaborations with other artists. He is the co-author of Matt McCormick’s film The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal. Along with his wife, musician Posie Kalin, he publishes the creative magazine ViD: Journal of Visual Divination. Avalon and Posie have two children and live in Spokane, Washington.


Check out Sistrum and Circular Music: Avalon Kalin on Bandcamp

Avalon and Posie's awesome art 'zine: Journal of Visual Divination (ViD)

Avalon's website: avalonkalin.com

EPISODE 17: The New Code of Power: Interview with Margarita Alcantara

Author, acupuncturist, and medicine woman Margarita Alcantara joins us on the Cosmic Fire Podcast to talk about planetary healing, the war on human consciousness, and how we can heal the world by finding our unique truth and taking back ownership of our lives.


In this fascinating interview, Margarita talks about her journey to self-realization and discovering the new power codes she is using to help Mother Earth on her evolutionary path.


Against the massive wave of mind control programming conditioning people to believe that fear is a virtue, Margarita sees sees 2021 as a unique opportunity for those of us on the path of awakening to quit playing small and embrace the gifts of truth and power within.


"No one's truth is fear," she says. "This is game time. We get to show up and be those unleashed supernovas that we incarnated on this planet to be."

Episode Notes:

Learn more about Margarita's offerings on her website: Alcantara Acupuncture

Check out The "Rise Up With Margarita" show - every Monday on Facebook and Instagram.

Or follow Margarita on YouTube.

EPISODE 16: What's Reality?

The New York Times on Feb. 2 urged Joe Biden to appoint a "Reality Czar" to combat misinformation and conspiracy theories. The article warned Mr. Biden that if he refused to recognize the "urgent threats" posed by the protection of free speech, "our parallel universes will only drift further apart, and the potential for violent unrest and civic dysfunction will only grow."


Two days later Time Magazine dropped a feature story detailing how a "conspiracy" led by a "well-funded cabal of powerful people" engaged in "an extraordinary shadow effort" to save democracy by working together behind the scenes to "change rules and laws...and control the flow of information" prior to the 2020 elections.


Has the NYT finally gotten hip to 5D Ascension? Does Time magazine's fawning coverage of this vast conspiracy of shadowy operatives mean it's OK to be a conspiracy theorist again?


It's all so confusing! But fear not, gentle reader. For Kairos and Phoenix have returned to fortify their podcast schedule and explore the nascent metaphysical dramas of the new year.


Plus: We look forward to the first of three exact Saturn-Uranus squares in 2021, talk about how you can choose your own reality, and consider the recently-floated idea that America needs to put the children of Republican voters in re-education camps!

EPISODE 15: What the F*ck Did We Learn From 2020?

In our last pod of the year, we reflect on what we learned about ourselves, society, the media and the world over the course of this crazy year.


The world feels more chaotic and unsettled than at any time in recent memory. But as we wave goodbye to 2020, we also honor it for providing us with a clear road map pointing the way to the world we want to live in. Check it out:

EPISODE 14: Realizing the Power in the Voice

Poet, dancer, singer, bass player, coach, and healer Treneti Brown joins us on the podcast to talk about her journey to unlock the power of her voice and how we can reclaim our self-esteem and recreate our world through the power of vibration.


Treneti also shares tracks from her upcoming EP, Her’Isness, a musical exploration of the fiery divine feminine Treneti embodies.


"We are constantly spellcasting," Treneti says. "You're either liberating yourself and using your words to create the reality that you wish to exist in, or you're putting chains on yourself."


Treneti embodies the courage required for self-liberation and she does it with exuberance, beauty, and a commitment to knowing, speaking, and living her truth.

Episode notes:


Support Treneti’s music by subscribing to her list or becoming a supporting member with perks (musical bonuses, early releases, and insight and input into her creative process) at Treneti.com.


Treneti also offers coaching for artistic entrepreneurs and teaches people how to unlock their self-esteem and personal power through liberating their true voice. Find out more at soulfulresonance.com.


Follow Treneti on Instagram @trenetimusic.

EPISODE 13: Are We a Nation of Borderlines?

Gaslighting. Direct projection. The compulsion to parade as victims in order to gain attention and social media likes. Censorship, bullying, and de-platforming of anyone who dares to question the party line. Has the U.S. been afflicted with a mass case of borderline personality disorder?


In Episode 13 of the Cosmic Fire Podcast Kairos and Phoenix honor Scorpio season with a fearless dive into the seedy underbelly of our nation's collective consciousness.


We talk about shame-based personality disorders and the telltale signs of people who suffer from them. We discuss the tactics that borderlines use to steal energy from others. And we share why it's so important for creatives, empaths, sensitives and healers to recognize these traits and tactics in a time where gaslighting and direct projection are being weaponized to silence the truth.

Episode notes:

Traits of People with a Shame-Based Personality Disorder


1. Feel empty and worthless. Although they may be very popular, attractive and outwardly successful, these people feel unloveable, ugly and worthless inside.

2. Totally self-obsessed. Specifically with validating the “false self” they constructed to hide their shameful lack of worth.

3. Black-and-white thinking. They tend to be obsessed with who is “right” and who is “wrong.” They cannot tolerate complexity or uncertainty. You are either good or bad with no middle ground. This is the pattern of thought that entitles people to say that if you care about ending child sex trafficking you are a white supremacist. (If you were “right” you would only care about race matters.)

4. Their identity as victims, justifies their abusive behavior. Shame-based personalities ARE abuse survivors who believe their victimization entitles them to do or say anything to get validation/attention needs met.

5. Lack capacity for empathy. In fact, many of their words and actions are unconsciously designed to pull attention away from real victims and put the spotlight on themselves.

6. Avoid intimacy. They live with the constant fear of being exposed as the worthless, ugly things they believe themselves to be. Also fear they will be engulfed by others’ emotions.

7. Cognitive distortion and emotional overwhelm. Their emotions feel out of control. They manipulate constantly in relationships (gaslighting and projection) in order to feel safe. “My feelings are facts.”

EPISODE 11: The 2020 Comeback Special

In which Kairos and Phoenix resurface to talk about where we've been since the last podcast, stepping into your sacred leadership with the Leo New Moon, and standing for unity in the face of cancel culture.

EPISODE 12: Marking The World By Looking At It

Avalon Kalin is a multi-talented artist and thinker. In this interview Avalon explains how being present to the beauty of day-to-day life led him to unexpected success in the art world and inspired him to embrace his own creativity and nurture creativity in others.

Episode notes:

Watch Matt McCormick’s film The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal on YouTube.

Read Avalon’s paper for the Goethe-Institut on the subconscious art and graffiti removal.

Visit Avalon's website: avalonkalin.com

EPISODE 10: unified Self = Unified World

It's times like these, when everything seems to be falling apart, when we are closest to making a quantum leap of evolution. Phoenix and Kairos explore the changing nature of time, imagination vs ratiocination, and how today's Cancer Solar Eclipse can heal the world by bringing us home to the love in our hearts.

Notes on this episode:

Join the Community Circle for Eclipse Season by becoming a supporting member of Cosmic Fire HERE.

The article we mentioned that equates belief in conspiracies with cognitive problems is HERE.


The truth can't set you free if you're too afraid to see it. Kairos and Phoenix explore the liberating potential of the summer eclipse season and explain why developing your spiritual discernment is no longer optional.

Notes on this episode:

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EPISODE 8: EVERYTHING IS A SPELL with Angela Mary Magick

The luminous Angela Mary Magick joins us on the Gemini New Moon to talk about ritual magick, the body as an altar, the sacred power of pleasure, and how everything is a spell. Phoenix and Kairos tell you how to clear the tech demons from your phone.

EPISODE 7: We All Want the Same Thing

It's episode 7 of the Cosmic Fire podcast! After 49 days in the cosmic cauldron, the Scorpio Full Moon brings the shadows up from the deep. Phoenix sees hope for the future in a radical expansion of the human energy field and Kairos shares a beautiful reading of the full moon degree symbol.

Notes on this episode:

Get Phoenix's Connect the Dots meditation HERE.

EPISODE 6: New Earth or New World Order?

Kairos & Phoenix preview the Taurus New Moon cycle, discuss the healing power of Nature, debunk corporate propaganda dressed up as science, and talk about how we can use this crazy global lockdown to bring in an age of prosperity and plenty.

Notes on this episode:

Learn more about Phoenix's upcoming Lightworker Training class at www.lightworkertraining.org

Learn more about Kairos' Alien Patterns in Astrology class: https://www.cosmicfire.org/post/alien-patterns-class

Or get in touch with the contact form below!

EPISODE 5: Walking on Fire with Adelee Mirelez

It can be easy to slide into fear and despair when you've been in lockdown for more than two weeks and the U.S. Surgeon General is telling you that the coming week will be like Pearl Harbor and 9/11 happening simultaneously all across the USA.


So it feels like serendipitous cosmic timing that our new podcast features an interview with our own Cosmic Fire Council member Adelee Mirelez.


Adelee is a leadership coach and corporate consultant with a mission for empowering women to "be the change" that we all want to see in the world. Adelee has studied and practiced the Toltec ways of her ancestors for more than a decade. On this podcast, she shares her heart-centered perspective on how we can use the COVID-19 shutdown to deepen our relationship to our own inner knowing. And she describes Toltec shamanic practices you can use today to help you move through the fear and back into your power.


Plus, Kairos and Phoenix talk about the astrology of this week's Full Moon in Libra (another supermoon). It's the best Cosmic Fire podcast ever!

Notes on this episode:

Learn more about Adelee's coaching and leadership offerings: www.CoachAdelee.com.

Connect with Adelee on Facebook for her Fearless Friday and Makeup-Free Monday videos


Kairos & Phoenix explore the creative and healing boss-abilities available in the chaos. Some irreverent takes on the current state of collective affairs plus a look at the astrology of the Aries New Moon and a guided journey to heal your throat chakra from ancestral trauma.

Notes on this episode:

Listen to Kairos' new song Take That Virus here.

Get more psychic weather updates on the new Cosmic Fire YouTube channel here.


Join Kairos (DK) and Phoenix (Tatiana) for the first ever episode of the Cosmic Fire podcast wherein they discuss their name origins and WTF is Cosmic Fire, plus astrology and psychic weather reports, and a Leo Full Moon meditation.

Notes on this episode: Read about Peter Konstantinov Duenov's 1944 prophecy.