EPISODE 15: What the F*ck Did We Learn From 2020?

In our last pod of the year, we reflect on what we learned about ourselves, society, the media and the world over the course of this crazy year.


The world feels more chaotic and unsettled than at any time in recent memory. But as we wave goodbye to 2020, we also honor it for providing us with a clear road map pointing the way to the world we want to live in. Check it out:

EPISODE 14: Realizing the Power in the Voice

Poet, dancer, singer, bass player, coach, and healer Treneti Brown joins us on the podcast to talk about her journey to unlock the power of her voice and how we can reclaim our self-esteem and recreate our world through the power of vibration.


Treneti also shares tracks from her upcoming EP, Her’Isness, a musical exploration of the fiery divine feminine Treneti embodies.


"We are constantly spellcasting," Treneti says. "You're either liberating yourself and using your words to create the reality that you wish to exist in, or you're putting chains on yourself."


Treneti embodies the courage required for self-liberation and she does it with exuberance, beauty, and a commitment to knowing, speaking, and living her truth.

Episode notes:


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EPISODE 11: The 2020 Comeback Special

In which Kairos and Phoenix resurface to talk about where we've been since the last podcast, stepping into your sacred leadership with the Leo New Moon, and standing for unity in the face of cancel culture.

EPISODE 12: Marking The World By Looking At It

Avalon Kalin is a multi-talented artist and thinker. In this interview Avalon explains how being present to the beauty of day-to-day life led him to unexpected success in the art world and inspired him to embrace his own creativity and nurture creativity in others.

Episode notes:

Watch Matt McCormick’s film The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal on YouTube.

Read Avalon’s paper for the Goethe-Institut on the subconscious art and graffiti removal.

Visit Avalon's website:

EPISODE 13: Are We a Nation of Borderlines?

Gaslighting. Direct projection. The compulsion to parade as victims in order to gain attention and social media likes. Censorship, bullying, and de-platforming of anyone who dares to question the party line. Has the U.S. been afflicted with a mass case of borderline personality disorder?


In Episode 13 of the Cosmic Fire Podcast Kairos and Phoenix honor Scorpio season with a fearless dive into the seedy underbelly of our nation's collective consciousness.


We talk about shame-based personality disorders and the telltale signs of people who suffer from them. We discuss the tactics that borderlines use to steal energy from others. And we share why it's so important for creatives, empaths, sensitives and healers to recognize these traits and tactics in a time where gaslighting and direct projection are being weaponized to silence the truth.

Episode notes:

Traits of People with a Shame-Based Personality Disorder


1. Feel empty and worthless. Although they may be very popular, attractive and outwardly successful, these people feel unloveable, ugly and worthless inside.

2. Totally self-obsessed. Specifically with validating the “false self” they constructed to hide their shameful lack of worth.

3. Black-and-white thinking. They tend to be obsessed with who is “right” and who is “wrong.” They cannot tolerate complexity or uncertainty. You are either good or bad with no middle ground. This is the pattern of thought that entitles people to say that if you care about ending child sex trafficking you are a white supremacist. (If you were “right” you would only care about race matters.)

4. Their identity as victims, justifies their abusive behavior. Shame-based personalities ARE abuse survivors who believe their victimization entitles them to do or say anything to get validation/attention needs met.

5. Lack capacity for empathy. In fact, many of their words and actions are unconsciously designed to pull attention away from real victims and put the spotlight on themselves.

6. Avoid intimacy. They live with the constant fear of being exposed as the worthless, ugly things they believe themselves to be. Also fear they will be engulfed by others’ emotions.

7. Cognitive distortion and emotional overwhelm. Their emotions feel out of control. They manipulate constantly in relationships (gaslighting and projection) in order to feel safe. “My feelings are facts.”

EPISODE 10: unified Self = Unified World

It's times like these, when everything seems to be falling apart, when we are closest to making a quantum leap of evolution. Phoenix and Kairos explore the changing nature of time, imagination vs ratiocination, and how today's Cancer Solar Eclipse can heal the world by bringing us home to the love in our hearts.

Notes on this episode:

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The article we mentioned that equates belief in conspiracies with cognitive problems is HERE.


The truth can't set you free if you're too afraid to see it. Kairos and Phoenix explore the liberating potential of the summer eclipse season and explain why developing your spiritual discernment is no longer optional.

Notes on this episode:

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EPISODE 8: EVERYTHING IS A SPELL with Angela Mary Magick

The luminous Angela Mary Magick joins us on the Gemini New Moon to talk about ritual magick, the body as an altar, the sacred power of pleasure, and how everything is a spell. Phoenix and Kairos tell you how to clear the tech demons from your phone.

EPISODE 7: We All Want the Same Thing

It's episode 7 of the Cosmic Fire podcast! After 49 days in the cosmic cauldron, the Scorpio Full Moon brings the shadows up from the deep. Phoenix sees hope for the future in a radical expansion of the human energy field and Kairos shares a beautiful reading of the full moon degree symbol.

Notes on this episode:

Get Phoenix's Connect the Dots meditation HERE.

EPISODE 6: New Earth or New World Order?

Kairos & Phoenix preview the Taurus New Moon cycle, discuss the healing power of Nature, debunk corporate propaganda dressed up as science, and talk about how we can use this crazy global lockdown to bring in an age of prosperity and plenty.

Notes on this episode:

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EPISODE 5: Walking on Fire with Adelee Mirelez

It can be easy to slide into fear and despair when you've been in lockdown for more than two weeks and the U.S. Surgeon General is telling you that the coming week will be like Pearl Harbor and 9/11 happening simultaneously all across the USA.


So it feels like serendipitous cosmic timing that our new podcast features an interview with our own Cosmic Fire Council member Adelee Mirelez.


Adelee is a leadership coach and corporate consultant with a mission for empowering women to "be the change" that we all want to see in the world. Adelee has studied and practiced the Toltec ways of her ancestors for more than a decade. On this podcast, she shares her heart-centered perspective on how we can use the COVID-19 shutdown to deepen our relationship to our own inner knowing. And she describes Toltec shamanic practices you can use today to help you move through the fear and back into your power.


Plus, Kairos and Phoenix talk about the astrology of this week's Full Moon in Libra (another supermoon). It's the best Cosmic Fire podcast ever!

Notes on this episode:

Learn more about Adelee's coaching and leadership offerings:

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Kairos & Phoenix explore the creative and healing boss-abilities available in the chaos. Some irreverent takes on the current state of collective affairs plus a look at the astrology of the Aries New Moon and a guided journey to heal your throat chakra from ancestral trauma.

Notes on this episode:

Listen to Kairos' new song Take That Virus here.

Get more psychic weather updates on the new Cosmic Fire YouTube channel here.

EPISODE 3: freeing our inner children: INTERVIEW WITH ERIN AQUARIAN, Part 2

2020 is an Emperor year in the tarot cycle. Erin Aquarian talks about how we can work with the Emperor archetype to free our inner children and shares her own journey of healing through music. Plus, how to work with the despair virus that has surfaced during the Pisces Mercury Retrograde and more psychic weather forecasting with Kairos & Phoenix.

Notes on this episode:

Find Erin's work at:

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Get more psychic weather updates on the new Cosmic Fire YouTube channel here.


On today's episode of Cosmic Fire, Kairos and Phoenix get together with radical visionary artist and full time witch Erin Aquarian to talk about her journey with the archetypal energies of the tarot and how they support her personal mastery work. Plus, the astrology and psychic weather of the Pisces New Moon and Mercury Retrograde, and a sneak peek at Erin's upcoming record with her "matriarchal doom rage pop" band, VOID REALM.

Notes on this episode:

John Sandbach's degree symbols for Pisces 5 (Dyers at work with many vats of different colors) can be found here.

@bennydrama's Dating a Pisces Video is here.

Find Erin's work at:

Follow Erin on IG @fulltimewitch


Join Kairos (DK) and Phoenix (Tatiana) for the first ever episode of the Cosmic Fire podcast wherein they discuss their name origins and WTF is Cosmic Fire, plus astrology and psychic weather reports, and a Leo Full Moon meditation.

Notes on this episode: Read about Peter Konstantinov Duenov's 1944 prophecy.


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