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Cancer New Moon Report Just Dropped

We just added Cosmic Fire's Cancer New Moon Report to the shop and in it, you'll find our take on the lunar cycle that starts with the Cancer New Moon on the 9th of July, culminates with the Aquarius Full Moon on the 23rd, and ends with the Leo New Moon on August 8th.

This cycle also includes the cross-quarter day of Lammas which is the first of three traditional harvest festivals and is typically celebrated on August 1st, but is astrologically on August 7th this year, the day that the Sun aligns with the midpoint (15 degrees) of the fixed sign Leo.

We kick off the report with our impressions of the overarching themes of the cycle, then Tatiana Phoenix gets into it with a Psychic Weather Report that encourages us to get into a Light Warrior stance to take advantage of the month's opportunities and to fend off the parasitic attacks that abound of late.

After that, DK Kairos shares an Astrology Report that includes his take on the Saturn/Uranus square that gets triggered by Mars, Venus, the Sun and Mercury this lunar cycle. He also explains how you can use these personal planet transits to understand what the Saturn-Uranus energy is transforming within you personally so we can collectively create a fair and good Aquarian society. DK also gives some inspiration on how to work with that energy in light of the July 13th Mars-Venus conjunction; plus thoughts on the Aquarius Full Moon, Jupiter retrograding back into Aquarius, Mars opposition Jupiter, and more.

The Cancer New Moon Report ends with a guided meditation by Tatiana that you can do along with an accompanying ritual or on its own.

With almost an hour of audio content and a bonus PDF with a grounding and clearing ritual recipe, this report is not to be missed! For 10 bucks you'll get inspiration and practices you can use all month long. Get your New Moon Report now by clicking the image or the shop link in the upper menu and thank you for your support of Cosmic Fire!

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