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January's Download of the Month: Vital Essence

Happy New Year! My personal new year usually starts a few days after Yule when I can feel

the energy start to shift. I've found that the time between Christmas and New Year's Day very potent for reflection, breakthrough energy, fresh insights, and a desire to move forward in a bigger way. I don't celebrate holidays, so while everyone else is busy, I'm usually scheming and dreaming in my hermit cave and this year is no exception. In fact, I'm really excited about what I've been working on, including January's download of the month!

Continuing with our theme in the chakra healing series, this month we present, Vital Essence, a guided meditation by me, Tatiana, with healing soundscape by DK designed to help you reconnect with your body and the energy center associated with physical health and vitality.

After 2021, we could all use a recharge, right?

You might be wondering, which one is the base chakra? It's not a name you normally hear for a chakra. That's because I was trained in Pranic Healing. The founder of Pranic Healing, Master Choa, discovered through research and experiments with healers and clairvoyants, and through studying and comparing multiple modalities of healing, that it could be helpful for healers to expand on the traditional chakra system to be more specific in treatments.

In the Pranic Healing system, the lower chakral energy centers above the perineum that perpendicularly intersect the central channel are not only called different names, but the front and back energy vortices of those centers each have their own name. For example, the next chakra up from the perineum is called the sex chakra on the front side and the basic chakra on the back side. The one up from that is called the navel on the front and the meng mein on the back.

Because I used this system for healing for many years, when I began teaching, I used a similar system, just a bit more simplified. So I refer to the sex/basic chakra as the base chakra, and the navel/meng mein as the navel.

The base chakra is located at the base of the spine and its energy vortices extend out the front of the body at the pubic bone and out the back of the body at the coccyx, or tail, bone. This energy center is responsible for pumping prana, or life force energy, up the grounding channel and root chakra and through the physical body. For optimal physical health, it is essential that the base chakra be strong and healthy.

Lately, it has been even more challenging than usual for folks to ground down and drop their energy in to their bodies. When we're in our heads all day, plugged in to devices or just being absent minded, our grounding channels and base chakras shrink up. And when that happens, the energy can't flow down and out of the body and fresh energy can't come up and in, so we can feel simultaneously anxious and exhausted.

The solution? Simple! Just reconnect and reactivate the grounding channel and base chakra. And guess who just made a guided meditation to show you how?

By the way, did you know we are working on two albums? One will be a collection of all the chakra meditations that DK and I are doing together. The other one is an absolutely epic album of sound healing music by DK. I can't wait to see those babies out in the world! In the meantime, we are releasing audios that you can get right now as a thank you gift for supporting us.

We really appreciate your support of our work because we truly are on a spiritual mission to heal everything and save the world and we can't do it without you!


Tatiana Sakurai is a lightworker, teacher, and author of Lightworker Training: A Practical Guide to Healing with Energy + Consciousness. She facilitates sessions, classes, and circles for students, clients, and community members at Cosmic Fire, Lightworker Training, and her private practice at

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