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Libra New Moon Report 2021

We invite you to join DK and Tatiana for Cosmic Fire's monthly New Moon Report!

This lunar cycle starts with the Libra New Moon on the 6th of October, culminates with a Full Moon in Aries on the 20th, and ends with the Scorpio New Moon on November 4th. During this cycle we have lots of opportunities with not one, not two, not three, but four planets returning to direct motion so be sure to tune in for the astro details.

In this hour-long report we start with our impressions of the big themes of the lunar cycle, then Tatiana gets into a collective energy reading with a Psychic Weather Report, DK shares the Astrology Forecast, including where to look in your chart to know how the transits may affect you, and we end with an invitation to explore an alternate nostril breathing exercise to help balance your nervous system.

Picking up our monthly reports is a great way to support Cosmic Fire and get premium content. We really do appreciate it! You can get this month's report in the shop now by clicking the button below.

Do you love our New Moon Reports and our Downloads of the Month? Did you know you can get both plus access to all the stuff in our Cosmic Content library, including guided meditations, videos of classes, and PDF tutorials, all for a recurring donation of just $20 a month? You can make a donation by clicking the button below. Thank you!

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