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Om Shukraya 2020

We did it! Thanks and congratulations to all who successfully completed the 40 Days of Venus Retrograde Mantra Challenge with us. May 13 - June 25 seems like an aeon ago already in this crazy year. But some of my best memories of 2020 revolve around chanting the Venus planetary mantra:

  • Chanting with Phoenix at night in Daytona Beach, walking in the shallow water, overjoyed to finally have our feet in Ma Ocean after two months of covid lockdown in Miami.

  • Hearing from those who participated what a profound healing effect they were experiencing from chanting the 108 repetitions daily.

  • Mixing the home recordings our members sent in with percussion and guitar and hearing the final version come together over time.

Thanks to everyone who participated and especially to those (Mary Gilbert, Avalon Kalin, Cassidy Joy, J Poggi) who shared their voices with us to create this collaborative sound sculpture of devotion to the beautiful and the good!

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