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By Tatiana Phoenix Sakurai

How are your surf lessons going?

It seems like there aren't many lulls between the evolutionary waves these days. Sometimes when we get tired or triggered it can feel like we're getting pummeled and might go under for good.

But, somehow, we keep going.

We're pretty badass when you think about it.

I was just talking to my beloved, DK, about how amazingly miraculous it is that any of us survived our childhood conditioning with any shred of kindness, forgiveness, compassion or trust left intact. But we did.

We are resilient. We are powerful. And we have the capacity to tap into a source of infinite power simply by believing we can, or by not believing we can't. Which is an ability we had in abundance when we were kids, before anyone told us we couldn't do this or that. Or that we couldn't be this or that. Or that it was too hard, or that we didn't have what it takes, or because that's just the way it is.

Even with all the brainwashing and gaslighting and fragmenting and soul stealing, our spirit stayed just as pure and innocent and vibrant as ever. That bright shining light within us remained. And somehow, it gave us enough hope that we were able to survive all the trauma of the our past and still be able to focus on the positive aspects of life that brought us joy.

Here at the cross-quarter holiday of Imbolc, or High Winter, we are reminded to give thanks for that beacon of hope, that in-dwelling flame of spirit within us. To come back to it when we find ourselves in darkness. To place our heavy burdens on its altar. To mindfully devote ourselves to following its illuminating insights and inspirations, knowing that we can trust in our true nature.

Imbolc is a wonderful time to light a candle and spend a moment getting present and opening to receive the gifts of your spirit. What messages of hope are there for you tonight? What loving actions could lighten your load going forward? What are the things that feed your soul, your creativity, your joy?

Something I invite you to tune into is the possibility that in the times when you're feeling blasted, uncertain, or afraid, that those are precisely the times when you may need to take a stronger warrior stance and break through the resistance that wants you to stay identified with your small, helpless, inner child self. Those internalized, parasitic systems of control can only be dismantled by your badass adult, old soul self. Your inner child needs you to be your wise, loving, protective, nurturing parent self.

I share this because it is a message that has been coming through a lot lately. Spirit seems to be telling us that the time for timidity and hiding is over. That the time for leadership is here. That it's time to come out of isolation and start creating the communities, spaces, and structures of the new world we'd like to see.

In tarot numerology, it's an Emperor year. I invite you to feel into what true leadership, accountability, and structure means for you. How can you tap into the energy of Imbolc and the Emperor to embody next level support for reaching toward the light of your future hopes and dreams?


Tatiana Phoenix Sakurai, is a spiritual counselor and teacher who enjoys dancing, singing, and communing with the realms of nature. She is the author of Lightworker Training: A Practical Guide to Healing with Energy + Consciousness and is one of the co-founders of Cosmic Fire.

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