By Erin Aquarian

According to The Magician, archetype of infinite possibility, potential and creator power, we incarnate from spirit to manifest into reality our divine visions and master the human experience. Why then do we often experience getting stuck and blocked in our creative energy?

Crippling perfectionism, insecurity, approval-seeking, self-doubt, fears around self expression, feelings of not being good enough or too much are the main creative blocks I have experienced personally. For me, these patterns are rooted in family and cultural trauma. I have observed the same patterns in most humans in the world around me. Once I learned the signs, I can identify trauma and programming from a mile away. When I separate ME from my trauma and programming, I have more space to freely create.

All young life requires support and nourishment to grow healthily towards whatever it is meant to be. 

Creativity is the same, and in violence or abuse, the creative channel is impacted.

Capitalism adds to this injury by forcing us to choose survival over what we actually desire.

I often reflect on how children and animals are raised, and trained to know their place within a hierarchy.

I think about how we educate the very young, and how most mainstream education is essentially a rigorous training in obeying authority figures and conforming to status quo norms and expectations. 

To disobey the rules means to risk punishment.

Children are naturally creative, curious and playful.

Creativity requires us to be able to easily access this state.

Our education and social conditioning trains us to think in terms of right and wrong.

We are rewarded for getting things right and marked down for getting things wrong. 

Years of being trained in this way when we are young coupled with having to navigate living in capitalism when we are older do extraordinary damage to each individual’s unique genius, and most folks just forget that they were once a brilliantly imaginative and creative being.  

Everything we do is creative, we have just been taught to place some acts above others in a hierarchical reality. I believe we have to release internalized hierarchy to fully actualize our infinite creative potential and experience the joys and freedom of it. We also must acknowledge the immense privilege of being able to do so; many human souls around the world are forced to use their creative genius energy to merely survive day to day brutality. We can use ours to create a better world not just for ourselves, but for all. If we are able to explore the far edges of our creativity, it is a blessing. How might we use it in a way that would help others do the same?

You Are An Artist is an affirmation spell to shift limiting beliefs and reroute programming that undermines your infinite creative potential and unique genius. Positive-brainwash yourself into new possibilities!


Erin Aquarian is an artist and radical spiritual activist who uses tarot, visual art, and music as tools for healing and empowerment.

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