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Prana Boost

Prana Boost: Reclaim + Recharge Your Energy

Join Tatiana for a guided meditation designed to quickly reclaim and recharge your physical and energetic bodies.

It can be used any time you’d like a prana boost, but is especially helpful in times when you are feeling a need to call back your spirit, reclaim your power, re-energize an intention or practice, or up-level any aspect of your life.

Prana Boost is a nice balance if you tend to focus on clearing energy and would like to include more energizing and receiving of the greatness of you in your self mastery practice.

With your donation of $5,  you’ll receive instant access to an MP3 of Prana Boost that is yours to keep and listen to offline or whenever you like. You’ll also receive our gratitude for supporting Cosmic Fire. Thank you so much!

Prana Boost

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