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Our intention with Auric Fields was to create a soundscape that will clear and strengthen the aura of the listener, creating a safe energetic container for deeper healing to occur. We set out to make a sound healing album that people would want to listen to repeatedly, a record that you can enjoy with good headphones or play through speakers as ambient background music.

Sample of Track 3: Arcadian RhythmsSouls Are Stars
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"This work of healing art is exactly what we earthlings need right now. Not only is the layering of intricate sounds a feast for the ears, but the vibrations are off-the charts when it comes to full body sensation. I keep this playlist on speed dial on my phone. I listen to it in the morning when I meditate, during yoga, and on afternoon walks. I love the connection to the natural world and the blend of Eastern, electronic, and other worldly sounds. It’s a deep cleanse for the soul."

~ MG

The brainwave version of Auric Fields features the same compositions as the non-BWE record but with the addition of brainwave entrainment. The brainwave entrainment frequencies on these tracks start at the waking (Beta) level of mind and gradually drop to 7.83 Hz (deep Alpha brainwave state) before rising at the end of the track. The frequency of 7.83 Hz is the center frequency of the Schumann resonance, the rate of vibration of the standing electromagnetic waves in the Earth’s atmosphere. 


Sample of Track 2: Vibratory HumSouls Are Stars
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Joy and Sorrow Souls Are Stars.jpg

For March, DK did a spoken word and musical piece, reading an excerpt from The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran with original music by Souls Are Stars. You can listen here and get your own copy in our shop for a small donation.

Joy and SorrowSouls Are Stars
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Everthing Is Perfectly Fine..
Everything Is Perfectly Fine in This Moment.jpg

Everything Is Perfectly Fine in This Moment is the new release by Souls Are Stars.

DK says this song was created after reading a Louise Hay meditation he found during a period of intense psychological and physical pain. In the composition he includes found sounds of rain and windchimes.

Everything Is Perfectly Fine in This MomentSouls Are Stars
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Heart Beats is the first track on an upcoming album of music designed for meditation, relaxation, and healing. This is the first offering by DK's new project, Souls Are Stars.


If you love relaxing music for meditation or yoga or just chilling out, or perhaps you use healing music in your practice of body work, session work, or spa sessions, you will love this new collection, Spirit Spa by Souls Are Stars. Heart Beats is the first track we're releasing in this collection and for now it's exclusively available here.

Souls Are Stars is the new conscious music project by DK Kairos Brainard.

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