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February Forecast: Deep Integration

Cosmic Fire Podcast - Episode 50

In this special Golden Anniversary edition of the Cosmic Fire Pod, we look at February's astrology and psychic weather forecast, discuss the power of getting grounded when everyone around you is in a state of free-floating anxiety, and ponder the esoteric secrets of Groundhog Day.

Show notes:

Groundhog Day ritual:

Tatiana's Lightworker Training course:

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2 commenti

I really love April's too, and I'm listening to the golden light meditation, using essential oil for m solar plexus, and doing auric strengthening with herbs to prevent leaks, woot woot!!! I'm not going down any bunny holes, no no no!!!

Mi piace

You two crack me up, I so love your podcasts, amazing advice♡♡♡♡♡

Mi piace
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