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Come Home to Your Body

Come Home to Your Body: A Meditation for Reconnecting with the Earth and Your Body


In this guided meditation, Tatiana "Phoenix" Sakurai walks you through a process to get present and reconnect with your body.


When experiencing stress, anxiety symptoms, trauma triggers, or discomfort in the body, it can be tempting to energetically leave our bodies and become ungrounded. The problem is, when we do that we actually prolong the symtoms and make matters worse. In this guided process, Tatiana helps you find your way back to your body so that your loving presence can be a support to your body (and mind) healing.


The sounds in this audio are recordings by DK "Kairos" Brainard of the songs of crickets and frogs at night, designed with the intention to assist your body in relaxing and your spirit to rest gently and easily in your body.


This meditation is about 21 minutes.


With your $5 donation you'll receive instant access to a MP3 download that is yours to keep and listen to whenever you like. You'll also receive our gratitude for supporting Cosmic Fire. Thank you so much!

Come Home to Your Body

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