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Declaration of Sovereignty

The Declaration of Sovereignty and Revocation of Contracts is a process from DK Brainard's Book of Spells that you can use to reclaim authority over you own mind, body, and spirit. It includes 5 parts:


- Declaration of Sovereignty and Freedom

- Revocation of Contracts

- Return of Energies Stolen or Fraudulently Obtained

- Healing of DNA and Physical Body

- Clarification of Terms and Declaration of Future Intent


The Declaration is a template that can be used as is or used as an inspirational framework to create something similar in language that is in alignment with your authentic expression and inner authority.


With your $5 donation to our gift shop, you'll receive instant access to a PDF of the Declaration of Sovereignty that is yours to keep. You'll also receive our gratitude for supporting our work at Cosmic Fire. Thank you!

Declaration of Sovereignty

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