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Grounding & Centering Meditation Collection

Grounding & Centering Meditation Collection


This is one of the most important life skills for empaths, highly sensitive people, psychics, and anyone with a background of abuse or trauma. Grounding & Centering is a collection of 3 meditations by DK "Kairos" Brainard that includes a visual process, a somatic process, and a quick process you can use any time you want to ground and center your energy.


Grounding & Centering: Guided Visualization

In this meditation, DK leads you on a hypnotic journey to find your center of being and connect your energy field into the heart of Mother Earth. (MP3 – 12:30)


Grounding & Centering: Body Awareness

Develop your innate ability to ground yourself and find your center at any time, in any place. Very good MP3 for people who don’t visualize easily.  (MP3 – 9:52)


Grounding & Centering: Quick Process

Some days are harder than others when it comes to grounding and centering. Have no fear! DK is here to help you get back into your center and reconnect with the Earth – in 6 minutes or less. (MP3 – 6:01)


With your $5 donation you will receive a download of a zip file that contains all 3 meditations that are yours to keep and listen to whenever you like. You'll also receive our gratitude for supporting Cosmic Fire. Thank you so much!

Grounding & Centering Meditation Collection

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