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Meet Your Warrior Guides

In this journey meditation, DK Brainard leads you through a process by which you can relax, go to a sacred and safe space in your inner world, and connect with the warrior guides that are assigned to you for spiritual protection.


Everyone has three warrior guides who exist only to provide protection, repel psychic attacks, and clear negative entities from our space. Each person's guides are uniquely suited to the individual's temperament and spiritual needs.


Meeting your warrior guides is the beginning of a fascinating and rewarding journey in the inner realm of imagination which can open up new possibilties of feeling psychically protected and spiritually grounded. By continuing to work with these specialized guides, you can experience the benefit of feeling more confident in your ability to deal with unexpected circumstances, challenging relationships, and situations where you typically dim your light and suppress your power, and instead begin to embody more of the soul essence and purpose you came here to express.


With your purchase you'll receive instant access to an MP3 which is yours to keep and listen to whenever you like. You'll also receive our gratitude for supporting our work at Cosmic Fire. Thank you!


Meet Your Warrior Guides

  • You will receive a digital MP3 file for download. The meditation is about 27 minutes long.

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