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Pillar of Light: Root + Crown Activation

Pillar of Light is a guided meditation by Tatiana Sakurai with healing tones by DK Brainard designed to strengthen the central channel of the auric field by activating the crown and root chakras.


Tatiana guides a lightwork process of imagination and somatic experiencing designed to help you clear and activate the root and crown vortices of the body's auric field to feel more connected to both your spiritual self and earthly body.


Along with the spoken aspect of the guided meditation, there is a powerful soundscape of healing frequencies created by DK specifically for supporting the intention of activating the root and crown chakras.


The meditation is about 23 minutes long and is designed to help you receive the support of an energy healing and learn to heal yourself using the techniques.


With your $5 donation you will receive instant access to a high quality MP3 download that is yours to keep and listen to anytime. You will also receive our gratitude for supporting Cosmic Fire. Thank you so much!

Pillar of Light: Root + Crown Activation

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