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Power Up: Solar Plexus Healing Meditation

Power Up: Solar Plexus Healing Meditation


Join lightworker Tatiana "Phoenix" Sakurai for a guided process to support you in clearing and activating the power center at the solar plexus. 


In this process we’ll ground, tune into the energy at the solar plexus, clear any energies that are not yours or not in alignment with you being in your sovereignty, reclaim any energy that was stolen, lost, or fragmented, and recharge with the light of creation to restore your power center to its true radiance.


The accompanying ambient music by DK "Kairos" Brainard includes all natural overtones of the frequency of the solar day which expresses the relationship of the Sun and the Earth and has a direct resonance with human DNA.


The solar plexus healing process in Power Up can help you:


  •  Reclaim your right to shine your light and to extend your true Will out into the world,
  • Heal old wounds or trauma from childhood or past experiences where feeling powerless left an imprint or pattern,
  • Repel parasitic entities that seek to harvest the energy of your power,
  • Strengthen energetic and emotional boundaries and reclaim the inner authority to defend them in a balanced, fierce, and truly loving way.


You can use this process, or parts of it anytime you'd like to Power Up your beautiful solar plexus!


With a $5 donation to our gift shop you will receive instant access to a mp3 download that is yours to keep. You will also receive the gratitude of Cosmic Fire for your support. Thank you!


Power Up: Solar Plexus Healing Meditation

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