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Did you know you can empathically pick up on energies in the collective and if you don't recognize they aren't yours, you can spend vast amounts of time and energy trying to heal something that you can't heal because it isn't even yours?


All spiritual living beings are naturally empathic, however we are not taught that we can feel other people's feelings.


In this guided meditation, Tatiana will lead you through a lightwork process for clearing any energy - mental, emotional, or physical - that is not yours from your body and its energy field. With this clarity and space, your mind, body, and emotions will be able to process your own wounded aspects of self with more ease. Are you ready to clear the clutter?


With your $5 donation you'll receive instant access to a high quality MP3 file that is yours to download and listen to whenever you like. You'll also receive our gratitude for supporting Cosmic Fire. Thank you so much!

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