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We at Cosmic Fire strive to overcome the brainwashing and trauma of our lifetimes to experience the beauty of living in accordance with the perfection of Creation. We affirm that:


Everything is Source energy and Source is creative by nature, always evolving.


Creator Source intelligence desires for us to evolve and co-create in alignment with the Laws of Nature as Source created them.


All beings are created sovereign and all of Creation is sacred.

Under Natural Law we live in a free will Universe. We can regain access to the power of our free will when we heal the core wound of toxic shame that is a result of trauma.

The Universe is holographic in nature. As above, so below. As within, so without.

When we each dismantle the internalized systems of oppression and control in our own minds and bodies, we will bring ourselves, and eventually the world, back into alignment with the Truth.

The nature of the Universe is abundant. Scarcity is an evil, artificial construct used to control people.

The Law of cause and effect is a learning device. When we see results in the physical world that are undesirable, we can use Universal Law to work at the causal level to create something else.

Truth is self-evident and available to all who are open to receive it. We can know the Truth in any moment.

Living in alignment with love and sovereignty creates freedom.

Living in alignment with fear and control creates slavery.

We choose to live in alignment with Truth and Love, because we desire freedom for all.

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