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Everything Is Perfectly Fine in This Moment

December's download of the month is a new single by my new project, Souls Are Stars. This song arose in response to a deeply painful period of my life. I was deep in debt, struggling to make ends meet, and going through a very challenging period in my relationship with my son’s mom. I was also experiencing some pretty crippling physical issues, which I figured were the out picturing of the emotional and psychological pain that seemed to fill up my body on many occasions. One night I was lying in the spare bedroom in the house we rented, feeling down and hopeless. I got on my phone and started looking for what Louise Hay said about the physical pain I was experiencing. I ended up stumbling across a post Louise had written when she was still alive where she shared a little written meditation. She instructed me to take some conscious breaths and pull my attention out of the past and away from worries about the future. Then she suggested ways I could experience gratitude for the beauty of my life and the unique potential of the present moment. As she was wont to do, Louise gave an affirmation I could repeat if desired. That affirmation was: “Everything is perfectly fine in this moment.” It was the perfect message at just the right moment. Within minutes, I had withdrawn my energy from all of the thoughts of pain and despair and found a peaceful place inside my soul that I recognized as who I really am. At the time I was experimenting a lot with including “found sounds” in my musical compositions. (I recorded many of the bird songs and other nature sounds that feature in Auric Fields during this period.) The next day it was raining steadily and I took my phone out on the porch and recorded the rain and my Mercury wind chimes from under the eaves. I decided to make a little composition trying to capture the journey I’d experienced in response to Louise’s meditation. And this song was the result.


DK "Kairos" Brainard is a musician, astrologer, and writer who is a co-founder, artist, and audio engineer at Cosmic Fire. He publishes a blog on Substack and works with astrology and soul mastery clients at

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