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New Auric Fields Albums

Sound Healing, Meditation Music, 528 Hz Solfeggio Tones, Schumann Resonance & Deep Alpha Brainwaves

We are thrilled to announce the release of the much anticipated Auric Fields albums by Souls Are Stars, the new conscious music project by Kairos (aka DK Brainard). DK's intention with Auric Fields was to create a sound healing album that people would want to listen to repeatedly, a record that you can enjoy with good headphones or play through speakers as ambient background music. He ended up making two separate versions of Auric Fields, one with alpha brainwave entrainment (the yellow and green one) and one without (the lavender one) for times when you need to be more alert. Both albums of Auric Fields are now available on Bandcamp.

For a limited time, when you buy the album without brainwaves, you can get a download code for the brainwave album for free. Click on Include a message in the Bandcamp checkout and say "send me a code." Click through to learn more about the music, listen to samples, and get your very own copy!

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