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Heads Up: Sagittarius Eclipse and Mercury Retrograde

Hey friend,

DK here with a heads-up on eclipse season and the Gemini Mercury retrograde that starts Friday, May 29.

First of all, Tatiana and I hope you’re taking good care of your beautiful Self. We just posted a new episode of the Cosmic Fire Podcast today. In it we talk a lot about Mother Earth and how much our animal bodies need connection with her.

In The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron writes that “the reward for attention is always healing.” If memory serves, that beautiful and true formulation of Creator wisdom came to her as she was developing the habit of taking long walks around her neighborhood as a way of healing a broken heart.

I’ve been talking a lot about the war on healthy pleasure for the last three years. This war has been going on for centuries, of course. But just since the start of the Covid psyop 14 months ago, our subconscious minds have been blasted with thousands and thousands of expertly crafted images, subliminal messages, and trigger words designed to make you believe that:

  • Your body is weak and your immune system won't work to protect you.

  • You are infected and infectious.

  • Healthy people are the real disease spreaders.

  • Choosing alternative health care or bodily autonomy is racist.

  • You should voluntarily limit your supply of fresh air - depleting your blood of the oxygen your body needs to stay healthy - because because the very air itself is now crawling with disease.

  • Other people are dangerous disease spreaders and must be kept at a safe distance.

  • Fear and victimhood are virtuous; courage and taking responsibility for your own wellbeing are selfish and murderous.

  • Humans are a virus that is killing the planet.

  • Human bodies are inherently defective and dangerous and must be fixed by surgery or genetic modification.

We have never in recorded history seen a mind control initiative of this magnitude and global reach. Even if you don’t consciously believe any of the messages listed above, it’s important to recognize that you are being bombarded every day by an immense amount of anti-body propaganda.


Because knowledge really is power. Knowing what’s happening and calling it out – saying it out loud to a friend or even speaking it out loud in your own mind – activates your body’s psychological immune system. This makes it much harder for the mind control messaging and subconscious images to manipulate you from beneath the level of conscious awareness.

Here's the podcast:

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Eclipse and Mercury Retro Heads Up

In his notes on the degree of Wednesday’s Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse, astrologer John Sandbach writes: “Inherent in its energy is a strong denial of poverty consciousness.”

I discussed the role of Jupiter, dipping into Pisces between May 14 to July 28 this year, in the eclipse picture in our inaugural New Moon Report.

In case you missed it, the monthly New Moon Report covers the period from the Taurus New Moon up through the June 10 Gemini Solar Eclipse. The report comes in the form of a 53-minute MP3 download featuring a psychic weather report from Tatiana, my thoughts on the Sagittarius eclipse and Mercury retrograde, tools you can use to weather the storm, and a beautiful short closing meditation. We put a lot of heart and preparation into the New Moon Report and we want you to benefit from it so we’re offering it at half price this week.

Sagittarius total lunar eclipse, May 26, 2021, 7:14 am EDT, Washington, DC.


One of the symbols for Jupiter’s degree at the eclipse is A man turning into a werewolf. Sandbach talks about the importance of honoring our animal instincts – embracing, rather than rejecting the body – in healing ourselves and in healing the world.

With the Sun now in the personal Air sign of Gemini, and Gemini being activated by both eclipses and by Mercury retrograde from May 29 to June 22, the temptation to live in the mind and not in the body could be stronger than ever.

Mercury is especially strong in his own sign. This means the Mercury Rx effects – chaotic communication, delays, tech glitches and the like – could be stronger than usual. But it also increases the positive potential. Remember that Mercury retrograde periods are built into the energy system of the world specifically to enable us to become aware of where our thoughts have gotten stuck in the past or in unhealthy patterns. This knowledge empowers us to make major course corrections in our thinking and in how we perceive ourselves and the world.

I continue to feel there could be some major unexpected happenings in late May and June. Tatiana and I both continue to see that any major disaster scenarios should be both short in duration and limited in geographical impact. But it’s probably wise to have a week’s worth of water and food on hand.

What people call the “news” – mainstream media broadcasting and the now highly-curated conversations happening on major social media platforms – is really a giant movie. I believe it's a movie designed to wake the world up and free us from the degraded timeline we've been living in, a timeline under the control of archontic entities that feed on human misery.

Reality is much more beautiful than the movie we’ve been tricked into calling reality. But imagine you've lived your whole life inside a giant movie theater. Your mind is totally convinced that the theater is the world and that what you see on the big screen is reality. All of the people in the packed theater believe it, too.

Now imagine you hear the sound of cement cracking and a hole appears at the bottom right of the screen, allowing the light from outside the theater to penetrate the darkness. That's disconcerting, but your mind quickly explains it away and you go back to watching the movie. But soon you hear a louder sound and a larger hole appears up at the top left of the screen. Now the people in the theater can see each other with a clarity no one has experienced before.

Some people have already started panicking. Sooner or later the screen is going to be ripped completely apart and sunlight is going to flood the room, revealing the sticky floors and the worn upholstery and the drab cinder block walls everyone called reality.

What happens next?

None of us knows for sure, but it feels like we're getting close to finding out. Many people aren't prepared to wake up and are convinced they'd rather stay in the matrix than do the work of waking up and healing all the old trauma.

Those who choose life will be looking to us for guidance. And we wouldn't be here now if we weren't ready to be the courageous leaders and healers Mother Earth needs us to be.

As long as we remember that the real world - sunlight that makes plants grow and warms our bodies, fresh air that enlivens our cells and inspires us to feel good - is our true home, we'll be able to handle the shock of a mass awakening.


DK and Tatiana

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