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Dead Zone 2: Life After Death Cult

Cosmic Fire Podcast - Episode 62

With Mercury retrograde in Virgo until the middle of the month, September is a great time to focus on internal realignment and on developing the warrior skills we're going to need in order to defeat the planetary death cult currently holding sway over the world.

We talk about ways to strengthen and soothe your nervous system, how to minimize damage from the ongoing frequency warfare being waged on the populace, and why it's so important to explicitly withdraw your consent from parasitic programming that aims to turn our world into a perfect slave planet.

We also reminisce about playing Pong at Pizza King, working the telephone hotline at the A&W drive-in, and my grandma blowing out the speakers at the McDonald's drive-through. And we play new music from Souls Are Stars.

You know it. You love it. You're sharing it with a friend: it's the Cosmic Fire podcast!


Episode Notes

Who Does That Belong To?

Return to Sender:

Outlook Magazine:

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