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Everything Moving at Great Speed

Cosmic Fire Podcast - Episode 63

It's eclipse season! With a Libra solar eclipse on 10/14 and a Taurus lunar eclipse on 10/28, October's astrology is going to get the energy moving.

The Libra solar eclipse belongs to the Saros series 7 South, an eclipse family that started with Mars square Pluto and Pluto trine the eclipse Sun/Moon.

Astrologer Bernadette Brady wrote about the 7 South series:

"The immense power, anger and force of the Mars square Pluto aspect is channeled into this family of eclipses via the trine. The individual experiencing this series will find that huge obstacles will suddenly and easily clear or, on the negative side, a pending potential crisis will suddenly manifest and move through his or her life very rapidly. either way the individual will feel that everything is moving at great speed." (Predictive Astrology: The Eagle and the Lark)

Libra solar eclipse, Oct. 14, 2023

This eclipse definitely shares some characteristics with the first in the series, notably the eclipse New Moon squaring Pluto (still in conjunction with the U.S. natal Pluto) and Mars loosely conjunct the eclipse New Moon.

After a summer season marked by the Venus and Mercury retrogrades, this sudden burst of energy could feel somewhat shocking, even revolutionary. It feels as though more and more people are waking up to the damage that has been done by their willingness to outsource their will and authority. This kind of realization can be intensely painful - but it can also catalyze folks back into life and into an intense engagement with the world.

We dig into the positive potentials of the Libra solar eclipse and the potential for good fortune and expansion in the chart of the Taurus lunar eclipse on the 28th. Tatiana looks at the psychic weather signature for October and how we can work with it. We do a little Hackberry Ramblers cover action. And, well, you know what to expect by now...


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