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Return to Love - Sun Conjunct Chiron

The Aries Sun made an exact conjunction with Chiron earlier today and conjoins Black Moon Lilith tomorrow (5:15 pm EDT, March 26, 2020).

Chiron is called “the Wounded Healer” but that shorthand tends to obscure the power of this archetype. Chiron heals through making us aware of where we are wounded. Chiron intensifies the pain until we break free of our comfort zone and go on a quest to find the remedy for our suffering.

Chiron bridges the realms of matter and energy. (Chiron’s orbit connects the orbits of Saturn and Uranus - The World and The Fool of the major arcana if you’re into Tarot.) As a centaur, Chiron also serves as the bridge that connects our animal needs and drives with our rational (socialized, or domesticated) mind and our spirit. Chiron is one of the most powerful healer archetypes we can access. Like Prometheus, who brought Fire to humanity, or Jesus, who brought us Forgiveness, Chiron is pro-humanity. Chiron and the Return to Love

Specifically, Chiron heals the mind-body split that is at the root of so much of humanity’s suffering. “Fear is so pandemic in our society that it constitutes the predominant ruling emotion of our world,” David Hawkins says. This fear virus is of a mental nature. It depends on our life energy for its survival. The fear virus thrives when: * We are living inside our heads. * We are thinking rather than feeling. * We are experiencing ourselves as separate from Nature. As Phoenix said in her recent psychic weather report, COVID-19 is an incredible opportunity for healing our deepest personal trauma. It seems to be bringing to the surface each individual's deepest wounds around society, trust, and our own inner authority. Chiron in Aries makes us aware of the wounds we have about being a Self, about the right to be who we believe ourselves to be. If we were not trapped in a separation MIND-SET, we could instantly shake off the collective fear that has been whipped into a global hysteria by 2 billion-plus media mentions of COVID-19. One of the basic laws of consciousness David Hawkins writes about in his last book, Letting Go, is that FEAR IS HEALED BY LOVE. But to be able to do this we must surrender to feeling our personal deepest fears. This is how Chiron heals us. Once I stop thinking about fear and actually allow myself to FEEL it, I reconnect my mind with my body. I reconnect my consciousness with Nature. I RE-MEMBER myself as One with God/Life/Source. I return to the only real reality - LOVE. It would only require a very small percentage of humanity staying in unity consciousness to create miracles on a global level. Today’s Sun-Chiron conjunction could be the start of the real global revolution. The one where we transformed the world by remembering our power to choose love over fear.

Black Moon Lilith: Rage Against the Machine

As the Sun plays connect the dots between Chiron and Black Moon Lilith on Wednesday and Thursday, we may see a wave of anger surge through the collective.

Black Moon Lilith is another powerful healer archetype. Lilith heals us by pushing us down into the deep anger we have been forced to suppress in order to survive in the patriarchal world. Lilith shows us that if we allow ourselves to feel the anger deep down in our guts, it can rise up through the body, burning away the apathy, depression, cynicism, despair and boredom that are the hallmarks of stuffing our anger.

Anger, symbolized by the planet Mars in the language of astrology, is just one facet of our instinctual drive to protect ourselves and to get our needs met. We have all had to stuff our anger repeatedly in order to get by; first as children and then later in school, in jobs, and in relationships.

It's important not to express the anger Lilith wants to release by directing it at other people. Phoenix and I do a lot of work in our Cosmic Fire circles and with private clients on how to channel our anger in healthy ways - and there are lots of resources out there if you're ready to transmute old anger into healthy vitality.

In Letting Go: The Pathway of Surrender and in Power Vs Force, David Hawkins points out that anger is much higher on the vibrational scale of emotions than fear. "In anger, there is the energy for action," Hawkins writes. "When the 'have-nots' of the world become energized by desire and move up to anger over what they lack, that anger moves them into the actions necessary to fulfill their dreams for a better life."

We don't want to stay stuck in anger, obviously. But pretending to be "love and light" when we are secretly full of anger is the best way to stay stuck in anger - along with all of its negative effects on our health, our immune systems, and our relationships.

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