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September's Download of the Month: Reclaim Your Sovereignty

In our featured audio for the month of September 2021, DK "Kairos" Brainard guides you into a relaxing trance state, and then Tatiana "Phoenix" Sakurai joins in for a dual hypnotic meditation designed to clear any subconscious programs, implants, contracts, or entities that block you from experiencing your natural state of freedom and sovereignty. This meditation also includes a brainwave entrainment and sound healing track based on the Schumann frequencies.

If you'd like to counter the constant negative programming of the parasite with some empowering and positive suggestions, you can get our download of the month, Reclaim Your Sovereignty: Dual Hypnosis + Brainwave Meditation in our shop now for a five dollar donation to Cosmic Fire. If you're a fan of our monthly audio meditations or New Moon Reports, please consider making a recurring monthly donation to receive thank you gifts like access to our Cosmic Content library which contains all of our recordings to date, as well as videos and PDFs, or the Download-of-the-Month Club which gets you our monthly audios sent right to your inbox. You can select these thank you gift options when you make a recurring donation on our donate page. Thank you for supporting Cosmic Fire and for being a light in the world! We love you!

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