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Your Spiritual Guidance System Upgrade Opportunity

It's Tatiana with a message today about the importance of intuition and discernment, also known as integrated holistic intelligence. This spiritual guidance system is so crucial right now, but many folks seem to feel a bit unfamiliar with it, or perhaps they are familiar, but don't feel like they can rely on it for high stakes decisions. But weren't we created with innate spiritual guidance systems? And if we were born with this kind of intelligence, why does it seem to be so lacking in the world? Why do we spend so much energy thinking about things and never feeling like we know anything?


One of the big reasons why is that over the course of our lives, we got duped or bullied or brainwashed into believing that the best thing to do would be to deny that innate spiritual intelligence and replace it with some form of external authority. We were taught to look to others, the "experts", for help and assurances. We were also taught that if we didn't obey them, things wouldn't go well for us. So to this day, many choose to go along to get along, staying spiritual children instead of claiming inner authority.


And how's that working out for us on the personal and collective level? Are those external authorities doing a great job of protecting and serving us and our world? Are they good stewards, wise elders, or trusted leaders?


We know the answer is no, it's not and they aren't, yet do we know how to change it? Do we know how to take back our power, rekindle our intuitive knowingness, cultivate discernment, find what we lost, and actually trust what we know? That's a bit trickier, to say the least. I'm guessing those practices might feel a bit shaky or non-existent for most people. But we're not most people, are we? We're some bad-ass old souls on a mission, am I right?


Now, I'm definitely not going to tell you that there's a quick fix, or that it's not going to take any work, but I will say that over the past two decades-and-some-change I've been working on this problem and have discovered some pretty amazing tools that can change things pretty quickly if you apply them. And as far as I'm concerned, the best part about teaching them is showing you ways to teach yourself!


Intuition literally means inner teacher. So by helping you strengthen your intuition, I am helping you get to know your inner teacher.


I can show you how to ask helpful questions, challenge assumptions, and receive clear answers for yourself. The really good news is, once you start training these spiritual "muscles" you'll build rock-solid faith in your ability to navigate whatever the psychopathic so-called leaders of the earth decide to throw at us, whatever the next catastrophe is, or whatever happens to effect your world, be it on the personal or on the collective level. As we clear the old programs within us, and shift into the higher frequencies, we build the capacity to manifest desired outcomes even more quickly.


I feel really passionate about sharing these tools, because, as far as I can tell, as the unsustainable systems of oppression and control continue to collapse (good riddance!) the situation on planet earth is only going to get weirder and more chaotic. BUT it could also get even more amazingly wonderful, because here on the brink of the end of one age and the beginning of another, everything is in flux. The stakes are higher than ever before and WE are the ones who will decide the fate of ourselves and our world.


**cue music**


"We've got the whole world in our hands, we've got the whole wide world, in our hands..."


We get to choose, every moment of our lives, to align with love or to contract in fear. We get to choose whether to become fully realized spiritual adults, take full responsibility for all of our psychic trash, and clean it up...or to pass the buck to some external entity who is supposedly responsible for our work.


Never before have we had so much to gain, because with this level of inner authority comes immense power! The power to heal everything. The power to change our lives and to change the world. Starting with our world, our inner world. The kingdom of heaven is within.


But, what if you go within and it looks like a big jumbled up heap of dirty laundry and detritus? What if it feels more like hell? What if you've got some demonic inner critic harping on you all the time? What if there are so many conflicting thoughts and voices in there you can't tell who's who or what's what?


Well, my friend, that's where discernment and energy clearing comes in. Sometimes we have to do a lot of clearing in order to do a lot more clearing! And that's where having a powerful energy clearing toolkit can come in handy. That's why so many of our audios at Cosmic Fire are about clearing energy. When we clear the psychic clutter we can cut through the noise and tune in to our inner teacher, who is always patiently waiting for us to ask and listen.


I invite you to join me in going within, cultivating inner authority, and finding the ways to discern what the best course of action is in any given moment. If you'd like to do that together, there are many ways, and I want to tell you about one that is on my mind today:


Next Sunday I'm starting a new 10-week course of Lightworker Training. This is a class that I've been teaching, developing, and adding to over the last 10 years and it's awesome, if I do say so myself.


In Lightworker Training, I share all the foundational knowledge and tools for the energy and consciousness work that I do every day for myself and in sessions with clients. The 20 hours of class time are packed with talks, demonstrations, experiential learning, interactive workshops, and lots of practice. I teach it over the course of 10 weeks so that there's time to integrate in between classes. (I've learned from taking a lot of classes, if you want to retain the info you've been taught, weekend intensives don't work!)

We're going to be getting in to working in the invisible realms, co-creative manifestation, meditation, intuition and discernment, energy reading and scanning, energy fields like chakras and auras, energy clearing, re-energizing, grounding, shielding, and more!


Whether you are interested in self care, helping loved ones, or working with clients, the course I'm offering can support you with some great tools and techniques. Every year I get feedback from students saying it changed their lives and that is music to my heart! It's such a blessing to share what I've had the good fortune to discover and receive, and if I can save anyone time spent in suffering, I'll put that in the win column!


I'm dedicated to making this training as accessible as possible, so I keep tuition prices low and I offer a create-your-own payment plan. You can come up with a plan that works for your budget, if that's a concern. Let's keep it light!


There's so much I could say about the details of what we'll be covering, the dates, times, etc. but I'll leave it here for now and if you want to learn more, please hit that button below that will take you to the Lightworker Training site to get all the details.


I'll be accepting applications to train with me through Friday, so I have time to process and get the class materials out on time. If you are feeling the call, please let me know. This will be the only time I teach this class this year, so please don't put it off getting these valuable resources that could help you completely up-level your life by this time next year!


"Tatiana's work is a powerful practice for today's world. We are all evolving in this really fast way and it can be hard to integrate! Doing session work and training with Tatiana has elevated my personal spiritual practice as well as my counseling sessions with my own clients. Lightwork is the piece I've been looking for, for many years.....Her ability to safely and beautifully hold space and go into the deep layers of the energetic body and mind is work we could all benefit from."

~ IK

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