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Take That Virus Dance Video

Dancing, singing, laughing and playing are among the most powerful tools we have for overcoming the COVID-19 pandemic and the mental fear virus piggybacking on it. If you need a quick dance fix to clear the fear virus from your system, this will do the trick!

I saw the TV news interview that launched this song on Shaun King's Instagram feed. I've been fascinated with some of the YouTube song/mashups of TV news interviews. My favorite is Dead Giveaway (the self-told story of how Charles Ramsey discovered that Amanda Berry was being held prisoner in his next door neighbor's basement in Cleveland).

Anyway, the ladies in this Memphis TV interview were so outspoken and their accent is so delicious I just decided to play around with the idea. The result is this two-minute mashup electronic song about the coronavirus.

Also, it seems standard in this genre to include the entire news bit. I didn't do that for two reasons:

1) Because I felt the interview itself had a racist slant. (They made sure to point out that this was a predominantly black elementary school; it felt like the lady using garbage bags to ward off the coronavirus was really uncomfortable once she realized what was going on.) If you watch the interview, you'll see what I mean.

2) Phoenix encouraged me to put some dancing animals in to balance out the sobering statistics on how our politicians and corporate overlords profit from keeping the world sick and dependent.

"This is not necessary"

Removed from the context of the news bit, however, the TV reporter's assertion that "this is not necessary" is absolutely true of our current global situation. There have been more than 5,000 patents for free or nearly-free energy generators confiscated by the NSA in the last 50 years. So people like this can get rich on the suffering of the other 99 percent:

Those annual sales numbers for the first four companies are in billions of dollars (6.75 billion for Merck, 6.2 billion for gsk, etc.)

You're so good at your job that you make, on average, $30 million USD per year...and now you're demanding a taxpayer bailout in the tens of billions of dollars to keep treating the sick?

"We're all illegal / the system ain't for us / it's for rich people." - Saul Williams, "Telegram"

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