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Truth or Die - Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse

Today's Sagittarius lunar eclipse happens with the eclipse Moon conjunct the USA's natal Ascendant (self, identity, and character) and forms a Grand Cross in the USA's chart. In Episode 9 of the Cosmic Fire Podcast, Phoenix and Kairos examine the media narratives around the recent "riots" and the covid-19 lockdowns.

Sagittarius' motto could be, "Know the truth and the truth will set you free." The United States of America has long prided itself as the global champion of "liberty and justice for all" - a claim that has sounded increasingly hollow across the course of our lifetimes.

With many parts of the country still under curfew in the wake of violence and destruction timed to coincide with the recent wave of protests over police brutality, we are definitely looking like a nation at a turning point.

The corporate media is pushing a narrative of separation that is cunningly designed to hook everyone into an "Us vs Them" mindset. With two more eclipses and the second of three Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions coming in June, they argue it is absolutely essential now for each of us to reclaim our inner authority and our innate ability to know our own truth in any situation.

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