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Walking on Fire with Adelee Mirelez

It can be easy to slide into fear and despair when you've been in lockdown for more than two weeks and the U.S. Surgeon General is telling you that the coming week will be like Pearl Harbor and 9/11 happening simultaneously all across the USA.

So it feels like serendipitous cosmic timing that our new podcast features an interview with our own Cosmic Fire Council member Adelee Mirelez.

Adelee is a leadership coach and corporate consultant with a mission for empowering women to "be the change" that we all want to see in the world. Adelee has studied and practiced the Toltec ways of her ancestors for more than a decade. On this podcast, she shares her heart-centered perspective on how we can use the COVID-19 shutdown to deepen our relationship to our own inner knowing. And she describes Toltec shamanic practices you can use today to help you move through the fear and back into your power.

Plus, Kairos and Phoenix talk about the astrology of this week's Full Moon in Libra (another supermoon). It's the best Cosmic Fire podcast ever!

Learn more about Adelee Mirelez and her work at:

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