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Ready for a Prana Boost?

One of the messages that has been coming through a lot lately is the importance of reclaiming our power and remembering who we truly are. Most of us realized long ago that we are powerful co-creators of our reality, but often we find ourselves in the feeling of not having enough energy to channel into creative endeavors.

Let's face it, dealing with low vibrational situations and people and the psychic attacks that often accompany such interactions can cost a lot of energetically. Once we've processed, cleared, and integrated the lessons, how much energy is left for investing in the focus required for creating our ideals?

Wouldn't it be great if we could reclaim and recharge our energy quickly?

You know we're going to say, of course we can! And we've got one way to share with you today. Check it out:

Our download of the month for January is Prana Boost, an approximately 7 minute guided meditation by Tatiana with music by DK designed to quickly reclaim and recharge your physical and energetic bodies.

It can be used any time you’d like an energy boost, but is especially helpful in times when you are feeling a need to call back your spirit, reclaim your power, re-energize an intention or practice, or up-level any aspect of your life.

The Prana Boost technique is also nice balance if you tend to focus on clearing energy and would like to include more energizing and receiving of the greatness of you in your self mastery practice.

We've got it up in our shop now, it's only $3, and every purchase helps us create and publish more content. In fact, we're working to share more on our recently revived youtube channel where you can find a few of our favorite meditations now for free. Links to both are below.

Here's to being and sharing more vitality and radiance in 2023 and beyond!

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