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By Kairos

Who wants to join me in doing a mantra cycle for Venus during her 2020 retrograde (May 13 - June 25)?

Update: (May 16) Want to collaborate with us in making an amazing Venus mantra musical recording? I've added an MP3 of the 'root' mantra you can download and jam along with. See the project notes below!

(Also check out the almost-halfway-point video featuring vocals from our Cosmic Fire crew!)

The first time I did this practice for Mercury, it really changed my life. Mercury is the planet of the mind and at some point not too long after I'd finished my 40 day practice, I noticed remarkable shifts in my ability to shift out of negative self-talk and mental loops as well as increased clarity of thought and better memory!

I also got a download during the most recent Venus Rx a couple years ago that the planets need our devotion when they are in the retrograde part of their cycle. Venus symbolizes love, beauty, art, sensuality, harmony, balance and access to the resources that make our lives more beautiful and pleasurable. We are grateful for what we have, and we can also own our desire to have even more beauty, even more love, even more pleasure - and the money (or other currency) that give us access to those things.

Ancient sacred technology

The planetary mantra are part of an ancient spiritual technology that can help us tune our hearts, minds and bodies and really, in my experience, accelerate the process of becoming enlightened. The more beauty and love we allow into our lives, the more resourced and flowing we are, the more gracefully and powerfully we can assist in our planet's evolutionary growth.

If you're up for doing the mantra for 40 days with us, please comment here or on YouTube or at Thee Cosmic Fire on Instagram. The more of us who complete the 40 days, the more power and beauty we bring in for our personal lives and for the world.

I recorded a simple version of the daily chanting practice in this video so you can chant along. The words are:

Om Shukraya Namaha

To get the full benefits of this devotional exercise, you want to chant the mantra 12 x 9 = 108 times daily for 40 consecutive days.

Feel free to jump in late - the timing of when you start is less important than doing it daily for 40 days.

(more notes after the video)

Notes on the project

  • I'm going to add a new sound or effect to this recording for each of the next 39 days and I'll post periodic updates in the members' forum.

  • I recorded the mantra at 103.7 bpm and roughly in the key of A - the rhythmic beat and planetary frequency (442.46 Hz) given by Hans Cousto in The Cosmic Octave).

  • The illustrations in the video are from John Martineau's A Little Book of Coincidence in the Solar System (a beautifully-illustrated, mind-blowing treasure).

Want to collaborate in making a group mantra recording?

Download the MP3 of Kairos chanting the mantra below, record yourself singing or playing along, and send us the recording. We can't promise every submission will be included, but as long as you're somewhere near the pitch and can keep the background noise to a minimum, there's a good chance your contribution will be used!

Here are some keys to making the project work:

  • You'll probably have to listen to the MP3 with headphones on and sing or play along (so you're not sending me a track that includes my voice or the bongos and balafon on the MP3).

  • Please send individual soloed tracks of anything you record. For example, if you record yourself singing along and you also record yourself playing piano, send in the vocal and the piano as separate tracks.

  • You can send a Voice Notes recording from your phone as long as you can keep the background noise at a minimum.

  • If you're using a DAW such as Garage Band or an audio editor like Audacity, please export your file(s) at 44.1 sample rate (AIFF, WAV or 320 kbps MP3).

Download ZIP • 20.54MB

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Hey Thea, Sorry I missed this. I know we talked about it on the Sunday call. But that’s so cool about Oliver dancing to it. It makes me feel good too! - Kairos


Cosmic Fire
Cosmic Fire

Welcome aboard, Thea! And yes, it is the same chant❤️❤️❤️❤️



Hey Avalon and anyone else who wants to send in a Venus mantra recording. Send it to: sparks (at) cosmicfire (dot) org


Avalon Kalin
Avalon Kalin

How can I get my voice recording to you? Email addy? Thanks!



Day 5 update: Our council member Mary G had a great idea I want to share. If you want to be part of the group collaborative recording, send in a video of you doing your thing. It can be small (640 x 480 or similar). The sound quality of the video is unimportant, since I'll be using the mix of the group tracks as audio. It'd be cool to have a video where we can see all of us chanting/playing in the same nonlinear space-time!

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