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A Light in the Darkness

Cosmic Fire Podcast - Episode 47

We look back at a year of chaos, confusion and constant spiritual warfare and find there's still good reason to look to the future with hope.

We explore the paradox of spiritual alchemy in a materialistic world. In a consensus reality where being poisoned, radiated, and gaslit is the norm, is it possible to co-opt the forces directed against us and use them to actually grow stronger? Can we turn needless suffering into quantum leaps in consciousness that affect not only our spiritual wellbeing but lead to physical rejuvenation as well?

And we premiere what we hope will be a recurring feature, the Cosmic Fire Advice Column/Corner (area in which we answer letters and respond to questions from our listeners)!


Episode Notes

New Auric Fields video on Cosmic Fire YouTube channel -

The Year of the Gaslighter by CJ Hopkins -

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