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Ascension Blues

by DK Brainard

The April 30 Taurus solar eclipse is bringing fresh hope and renewed energy to create the world we want to live in. But with eclipse season in full swing, Mercury retrograde right around the corner, wars and rumors of wars, and the global elites promising us a worldwide food shortage, it can be really tempting to disconnect from our innate wisdom.

Don't let that fear virus take you down, baby! We've got the cure for those pesky ascension blues right here on Episode 34 of the Cosmic Fire Podcast.

Phoenix's big psychic weather theme for May is the need to reconnect with our bodies, minds, and emotions. So we jump right in with a short but powerful energy clearing/reconnection process. I talk about the positive opportunities the Taurus eclipse is bringing in over the first half of May, especially in light of the very real challenges we are facing with runaway inflation and the globalists' intentional destruction of food security for ordinary people.

We look at society-wide trauma as a huge reason that so many people choose to remain in denial of what is obviously playing out before our very eyes. And we explore how times of intense crisis can actually enable us to tap into our immense inner resources and finally make those changes we've been longing to make for so long.

Plus, Mercury retrograde, Jupiter and Mars move into Aries, the Scorpio total lunar eclipse square Saturn on May 15, and a whole lot more...


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