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August Outlook: The Boiling Point

Cosmic Fire Podcast - Episode 61

We explore how you can work with the ongoing Venus retrograde in Leo to reclaim your energy and Will and create the more beautiful world you desire.

We also look at the Virgo Mercury retrograde starting Aug. 23 and how we can use the Mercury and Venus retrogrades to reconnect the left and right hemispheres of the brain and reclaim the imaginative power of the beautiful child within us.

Spurred on by the United Nations' recent announcement that we have entered "the era of global boiling," we look at why you might want to withdraw your consent from the agreement that we are destroying our home planet and that we're all doomed!

And we discuss the metaphysical meaning of octagonal stop signs, the rebranding of the seasons (meteorological fall, anyone) to sow more cognitive dissonance, the significance of the astrological cross-quarter days and more...


Episode Notes

Free brainwave meditations and guided journeys: (Cosmic Fire YouTube):

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