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Marking the World By Looking at It

The new episode of the Cosmic Fire Podcast features part one of our interview with Avalon Kalin. Avalon is a graphic artist who makes documentary and social art connected to everyday life. He was coauthor of Matt McCormick’s film The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal and studied under Jen Delos Reyes and Harrell Fletcher in the first Social Practice MFA program at Portland State University.

In this inspiring and heart-felt conversation, Avalon talks about his personal transformation from angry young man ("I was a failed drummer in a punk rock band") to unexpected success in the art world. Avalon brings a childlike sense of wonder and play to his work and relationships but he is also a serious student of art history who has thought deeply about what "art" really is and why we should all be doing more of it.

In addition to creating playful and mindful children’s books, Avalon writes about the aesthetics of subjectivity in everyday life. He is currently designing products and publishing a creative magazine ViD: Journal of Visual Divination with his wife Posie Kalin. Together they have two children and live in Spokane, Washington.

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