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Can You Feel Our Heart Beats?

Our Cosmic Fire download of the month for August 2022 is Heart Beats, the first track on an upcoming album of music designed for meditation, relaxation, and healing.

This is the first offering by DK's new project, Souls Are Stars and we're excited to share it with you!

Heart Beats is inspired by the music DK created for True Love + Care, the heart healing meditation Tatiana channeled last month for our download of the month. We loved the music so much he decided to add to it and expand it into a full 19 minute track for chilling out to.

If you love relaxing music for meditation or yoga, or perhaps you use healing music in your practice of body work, session work, or spa sessions, you will love this new collection, Spirit Spa by Souls Are Stars. Heart Beats is the first track we're releasing in this collection and for now it's exclusively available here in the shop.

If you're a content sponsor, you can find it up now in the Cosmic Content Library where we archive all of our audios as well bonus content like videos, classes, and pdfs. Thank you to our sponsors for helping keep the lights on here at Cosmic Fire headquarters! Want to support our work? Check out the options to receive thank you gifts for recurring donations at the link below.

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Ohhh sweet, do you have a little sample audio??

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