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By Quynh Nguyen

Our hopes and shadows Co-mingle in complexity Weaving the weather  Pattern that confounds Expected thought and demands  Surrender

It is during an eclipse that You know the power of the Sun  The moon is always there  But what you see is in relation  To where you are at  The stars twinkle and tease With the mysteries of their transits

Each encounter is a prism That reveals more  Multidimensionality  Each soul a reflective node  In the web of your own  Magnificence

Beneath the waves of emotions The ebbs and flows Of union and dissolution The rising and falling Of joy and sadness The firing and cooling  Of striving and allowing

Lies the Love  That creates it all  Not yours or mine Neither graspable nor  Permanent Yet ever-present

The love that weaves The Wyrd of time  Uniting us in the Cosmic Weave


Quynh Nguyen is the author of Quynhtessence: An Anthology of Poetic Flows. She is inspired to write poetry and prose for healing herself and others, using her poems both in ritual and as spells to move energy. She is currently working on a new book with her soul love on sacred consorts, celestial beasts, and the awakening path. Check out more of her poetry HERE.

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1 Comment

Feb 03, 2020

I love this poem. Thank you, Quynh.

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