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July Forecast: Venus Retrograde 2023

Cosmic Fire Podcast - Episode 60

It's the monthly forecast pod! In which we look at the Venus Retrograde (July 22 - September 3), two separate yod or finger-of-God patterns happening in the sky this month, and more astrology happenings.

Phoenix looks at the role of the crown chakra in defining our awareness and explores how Nature can heal our wounded self-esteem this month.

We play an excerpt from our new dual hypnosis Ground on Command track...

And, it being the Cosmic Fire podcast and all, we also tackle some of life's weirder mysteries including the potentially devastating impact of vegans and Teslas on the environment, the primacy of cows, the Corporation's birthday bash, bros crying because climate change, early 90s hip-hop, the social vacuum caused by the disappearance of "QAnon" - and Lord (Mayor of London) knows what else...


Episode Notes

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