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Energy Hygiene + Empath Empowerment

Master lightworker Tatiana Sakurai, aka Phoenix, has a new Community Class offering coming up Saturday, August 29th, her popular lightworkshop Energy Hygiene + Empath Empowerment.

Community Classes and Circles are free to all Cosmic Fire members.

In this class you'll learn essential tips from Tatiana's Lightworker Training tool kit for keeping your energy field clear and grounded.

This class is a game-changer for anyone who struggles with:

  • Being a psychic sponge

  • Maintaining strong boundaries

  • Attracting psychic vampires

  • Being in service work without getting drained

  • Getting overwhelmed by energies or entities

  • Feeling "too sensitive"

As a trauma survivor and highly sensitive and psychic person, Tatiana has a lifetime of personal experience spent dealing with these issues. She has been on the path of healing for over two decades and brings her knowledge, wisdom, and humor to all of her classes.


A Lightworkshop with Tatiana Sakurai

Saturday, August 29th

2:30 pm EST/11:30 am PST

Can't make it live? You can submit questions in advance and catch the recording!

We hope you will join us for this timely offering! If you missed last month's class on Psychic Self Defense, you can get that replay right now on the Community Classes replay page in our members' section of the site.

Not a member yet? You can become a sustaining member of Cosmic Fire by offering a sliding scale donation of $11 - 44 a month and receive all kinds of cool membership perks! Check it out HERE.


Tatiana Sakurai, code name Phoenix, is a co-founder and facilitator of the Cosmic Fire community. She is a spiritual leader, multi-modality practitioner, teacher of Lightworker Training Courses, and author of Lightworker Training: A Practical Guide to Healing with Energy + Consciousness.

You can learn more about her work at

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