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Green Zones and the Dimensional Shift

Cosmic Fire Podcast - Episode 24

As we foresaw, August is proving to be a month of intensifying pressure in the race to evolve or die. Will enough people wake up, claim their sovereignty, and stand in their power before irreparable damage is done? If you've been feeling the collective anxiety and dread, you're not alone.

Vaccine passport mandates are rolling out in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New Orleans. Protests are erupting all over the world. The corporate media is scapegoating those who choose not to participate in the largest medical experiment in history, despite official evidence of ineffective tests, ineffective inoculation, and troubling side effects. And as the next phase of lockdowns kicks in, fully-vaccinated re-maskers are raging over "the pandemic of the unvaccinated" while parents with trust in natural healing and Creator's intelligence worry if they will be able to feed their families when the passport mandates come to their workplace or grocery store.

As if that weren't enough, the CDC has touted involuntary confinement to "Green Zones" (FEMA camps for the unvaccinated) as the answer to the perennial pandemic. The Army National Guard is recruiting internment/resettlement specialists (must be 17, no experience necessary, monthly guaranteed paycheck!) to oversee civilian camp populations and keep the "unprivileged belligerents" in line. And who might those unprivileged belligerents be?

The Department of Homeland Security issued a bulletin on Aug. 13 identifying Covid lockdown resisters and people who believe in "perceived election fraud" as top potential terror threats heading into the 20-year anniversary of 9-11.

In short, the proverbial shit is really starting to hit the fan. And even though it seems like it's all bad news, there is always alchemical gold to be had for those who are willing to stand in the fire.

The dimensional shift we've anticipated is now upon us. In today's podcast we look at the spiritual and karmic costs of continuing to comply with the global totalitarian biosecurity state. And Phoenix explains how the globalist agenda is merely a front for something even more hideous: the Parasite's agenda to suck as many souls as possible into the fall system it has created as a last-ditch effort to avoid confronting the Creator directly.

(Pro tip: Unless you're down for living in a real hellscape reality where you'll be beyond grateful when your consciousness is finally obliterated and turned into space dust, you do not want to go into the fall system!)


Episode Notes:

Florida SB 2006 - see pages 38-39 for future allowance of forced vaccination and quarantine "by any means necessary"

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1 comentario

I really got a lot out of this. Thank you both so much <3

As a sovereign being, I shall wear the moniker of 'unprivileged belligerent' proudly from here on. I will never consent.

Me gusta
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