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Cosmic Fire Podcast: Healing the Split Within


4-04-21 - Fixed the sample rate issue that was making us sound like Ween. Podcast should sound normal now! - K

It’s the 381st Day of “15 Days to Slow the Spread" and the cracks in society are widening. After a year of relentless fear programming, enforced isolation, and lack of oxygen to the brain, we are seeing clear warning signs of an unprecedented collective mental health crisis.

And, at the same time, there's tremendous breakthrough opportunity on tap. April's astrology is the most supportive and positive we've seen in a long time. The energy of spring reminds us that life ever seeks to renew itself.

In this podcast, we talk about how important it is to stay grounded and to connect with Nature and with likeminded souls this month. We look at the division in society as an out-picturing of our inner fragmentation. And we talk about the importance of disconnecting from fear-based media narratives.

Which is, in some respects, easier than it has been in many moons. As Phoenix says, "The cool thing about the false mainstream narrative is that it’s so easy to see through it now. The ridiculousness of it is actually helpful because it's impossible to take it seriously!"

Once you recognize how often the classic mind control technique of "moving the goalposts" (constantly changing the story so people can never really find their place in it) is being used against us, you might just decide to unplug from corporate media and social media and create your own story.

Here on the threshold of the Age of Aquarius, we know that we the people are to be the drivers - the authors - of world renewal. The only way the world will change for the highest good of all is when we as individuals become unified within.

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Avalon Kalin
Avalon Kalin
Apr 05, 2021

Yay MOTU. Mark of the Unicorn!

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