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I Was Born

Poetry reading by Quynh Nguyen


I was born to a lineage of magic Of people who connected to the earth In a time when Spells Were woven by simply : A woman singing to her child A man tilling the earth A bird hovering over a field A fish that shimmied in the river Spells woven in the act of weaving your life in rhythm with Nature

I was taught by My maternal grandmother This is the Natural world And you are of Nature Child of Mother Earth And Father Sky You are magic Because you are Alive Your instincts are All you Need

I forgot when I came to the Industrial World Seduced by its Promise of Certainties Formulas for Success Eradication of Chaos The Civilized World Where white collar slaves Toil in the splendor Coveting knowledge as property Hence killing its wonder

I forgot that I am Nature I remember, now In the Kiss of the wind The Roar of the sea Craddled in a field of flowers Protected under a canopy of trees Who I really Am

I am Nature I am Magic I am You.


Quynh Nguyen is the author of Quynhtessence: An Anthology of Poetic Flows. She is inspired to write poetry and prose for healing herself and others, using her poems both in ritual and as spells to move energy. She is currently working on a new book with her soul love on sacred consorts, celestial beasts, and the awakening path. You can find more of her poetry HERE.

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1 commentaire

Avalon Kalin
Avalon Kalin
24 janv. 2021

Thank you, Quynh.

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