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January 2023 Forecast: Behold I Make All Things New

Cosmic Fire Podcast Ep. 48

A time-honored aphorism for Jupiter in Aries is: "Behold, I make all things new."

Although we start off the year in a slow-moving eddy, thanks to both Mercury and Mars still in retrograde, strong currents of change are already moving beneath the surface. Fresh off his mid-December move into personal fire sign Aries, Jupiter is already exerting a strong pull that is designed to snap us out of the miasma of mind control programming and orchestrated groupthink of the last three years.

Jupiter will spend only four months in Aries before settling into Taurus for the remainder of the year. With Jupiter, fortune favors the bold and Aries is all about taking risks, breaking new ground, choosing the road less traveled and being willing to fuck around and find out. Meaning: now is the time to get back in touch with who you really are and to commit to living a life aligned with your inner purpose. Tune out the media whores and social media influencers and live your own best life.

We also look at Saturn's upcoming move from Aquarius to Pisces and how that will impact society.

Tatiana looks at how January's energy is impacting the base, solar plexus and heart chakras and how we can differentiate from the herd and reclaim our energy, optimism and power. And DK explores the opportunities in a year that starts with Mars (energy) and Mercury (mind) retrograde.

Plus, we talk about James Brown, James True, Toltec perspectives on reality, and a whole lot more.


Show Notes

James True interview on Open Your Reality:

Joel Shafer of Perceiver talks to Jason of Archaix:

Matt at Quantum of Conscious:

James Brown's famous cape routine:

Cosmic Fire's revived youtube channel:

Tatiana's video Go Within or Go Without:

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