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July Forecast

Big Bang Mars Astrology and the Resurrection of Care

by DK Brainard

What beliefs did you develop in childhood based on your experiences around receiving love and nurturing? What beliefs did you develop based on your role in the family and the way your family dealt with emotions? What did you internalize about reward, punishment and self-worth?

In our July Forecast (Cosmic Fire Podcast Episode 36), Phoenix and I dig into the roots of our society's current personal and social dysfunction to find the hidden gold that's waiting for the brave to claim it.

There’s a lot of Cancer (family) energy happening in July, with the Sun in Cancer through the 22nd and both Mercury and Venus transiting through the sign of the Crab as well. Along with Mars’ entry into the personal Earth sign of Taurus on July 4th, this sets up a strong focus on how we get our needs met (or not).

In her psychic weather forecast segment, Phoenix frames this as the opportunity to bring about a Resurrection of Care in our personal lives. (As you probably know, the dark cabalists enact a ritual called “the Cremation of Care” every year at Bohemian Grove in California.)

Phoenix invites us to utilize this Cancerian energy to discover where we’ve cut ourselves off from authentic care for self and others based on our experiences of childhood and family. It’s amazing to look honestly at how much we pretend to care about that, deep inside, we really don’t — and actually shouldn't care about. There’s an incredible opportunity for personal and planetary liberation here. Because by the same token, the Matrix has conditioned us to cultivate apathy about the very things we should care most about.

July begins and ends with potential big bangs as warrior planet Mars squares Pluto on 7/1 and conjuncts Uranus on 8/1. I talk about the pros and cons of Mars in Taurus, the shift in energy on the 22nd when the Sun moves into Leo, and the potential for enlightenment at the end of the month for those with the courage and focus to reclaim their True Love and Care.

That's the title of our July Download of the Month, by the way — it’s the best meditation Phoenix and I have done yet and it will help you to open your heart and restore your care in graceful and rewarding ways.

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