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Cosmic Fire Podcast: The New Code of Power

Author, acupuncturist, and medicine woman Margarita Alcantara joins us on the Cosmic Fire Podcast to talk about planetary healing, the war on human consciousness, and how we can heal the world by finding our unique truth and taking back ownership of our lives.

In this fascinating interview, Margarita talks about her journey to self-realization and discovering the new power codes she is using to help Mother Earth on her evolutionary path.

Against the massive wave of mind control programming conditioning people to believe that fear is a virtue, Margarita sees sees 2021 as a unique opportunity for those of us on the path of awakening to quit playing small and embrace the gifts of truth and power within.

"No one's truth is fear," she says. "This is game time. We get to show up and be those unleashed supernovas that we incarnated on this planet to be."


Learn more about Margarita's offerings on her website: Alcantara Acupuncture

Check out The "Rise Up With Margarita" show - every Monday on Facebook and Instagram.

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1 Comment

Avalon Kalin
Avalon Kalin
Apr 05, 2021

btw love the newest version of the intro music on this one.

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