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November Forecast: Taurus Lunar Eclipse

The November 8 total lunar eclipse on Election Day looks set to unleash new forces of societal chaos. But is there an incredible opportunity for enlightenment contained in the eclipse astrology?

We dig in to the Taurus Lunar Eclipse and how it's trying to set you free in Cosmic Fire Podcast Episode 44. This may be the most useful astrology podcast you've ever listened to because we don't just describe the cosmic forces at work. Phoenix gives specific instructions on how you can harness these energies to radically change your life - including your physical body and health - moving forward.

As we can see in the eclipse chart, the eclipse Sun and Moon form a strong T-square that funnels the energy of the eclipse into Saturn (authority; inner authority) in Aquarius (the individual in relation to the collective). As I've mentioned often during the latest round of Saturn-Uranus squares in 2021-2022, Saturn in Aquarius can polarize as ideological totalitarianism / enforced groupthink or as radical individualism tending toward isolation and extreme (antisocial) self-reliance.

What Saturn in Aquarius really wants to bring about is a society of free, autonomous individuals who choose to associate from a desire for mutual benefit. But, as John Sandbach writes in his Omega/Chandra symbols for Aquarius 19, "So much is always bubbling up within us, but our karma, our structure keep it down. The fantasies of the past and the future remove us from the present. This degree, though, is good at returning back to the present with a jolt and finding there the energy that is waiting to come forth, which then works like flowing water - to wear away resistance to the force of evolution."

Saturn is, of course, the Great Chronocator, the time-lord. Aquarius in the tarot is symbolized as the Water-Bearer, the service-minded individual who bridges the realms of spirit and matter to bring wisdom into the material realm. And we can certainly depend on Uranus the Awakener to deliver the necessary jolt, especially when lit up with this much eclipse energy.

The Taurus Moon seeks emotional harmony through the body and in the experience and information available to us through the five senses. As sh*t goes increasingly haywire in the Matrix in November it could be tempting to check out of your body or to numb out with weed, wine, Netflix and food. But if you knew how simple it was to harness these intense energies for your personal evolution, and if you had permission to do that, how beautiful would that be?

Phoenix and I feel there is a coherent picture of spontaneous, immediate evolution - a quantum leap potential - in this eclipse that can resonate through your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies for years to come. Don't miss it!


Show Notes

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