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Cosmic Fire Podcast: Realizing the Power in the Voice

Poet, dancer, singer, bass player, coach, and healer Treneti Brown joins us on the podcast to talk about her journey to unlock the power of her voice and how we can reclaim our self-esteem and recreate our world through the power of vibration.

Treneti also shares tracks from her upcoming EP, Her’Isness, a musical exploration of the fiery divine feminine Treneti embodies.

"We are constantly spellcasting," Treneti says. "You're either liberating yourself and using your words to create the reality that you wish to exist in, or you're putting chains on yourself." Treneti embodies the courage required for self-liberation and she does it with exuberance, beauty, and a commitment to knowing, speaking, and living her truth.

Episode notes:

Support Treneti’s music by subscribing to her list or becoming a supporting member with perks (musical bonuses, early releases, and insight and input into her creative process) at

Treneti also offers coaching for artistic entrepreneurs and teaches people how to unlock their self-esteem and personal power through liberating their true voice. Find out more at

You can find her on Instagram @trenetimusic.

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