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Power and Purpose: Scorpio Solar Eclipse

Cosmic Fire Podcast, Episode 43

Wherein we dive deep into the symbolism of the October 25 Scorpio solar eclipse and look at how these themes could play out in light of a looming sea change in global politics.

This eclipse happens at 2 Scorpio 00' conjunct Venus at 2 Scorpio 39'. Interestingly, Venus was conjunct the eclipse Sun and Moon in the first eclipse in this Saros family, all the way back in 1049 AD. Here Venus is in her detriment and combust of the Sun, suggesting that Venusian qualities such as relationships, money, sex, and art could serve as societal flashpoints over the next six months.

I talk about Bernadette Brady's analysis of eclipses in this Saros series on the pod; this eclipse sure seems like the perfect launch pad for a huge reversal of the prevailing mores in Western societies and for the downfall of a whole class of political, media, and entertainment figures that Jason Breshears and others have been predicting.

"This eclipse series is about being forceful and taking power," Brady says. Phoenix and I look at how this could benefit us on a personal level and launch an investigation into the mystery of who might want to trick you into disowning the truth of yourself and denying your deepest desires.

Check it out:

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