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Psychic Weather Report: Cult Indoctrination + Mind Control

In today's edition of the Psychic Weather Report I invite us to look into the question, "How would you know if you had been indoctrinated in a cult if you were in it since birth and everyone around you was in the cult, too?"

Let's put on our detective hats to investigate some symptoms of mind control and indoctrination to see where we might discover the walls of the invisible prison in our minds, because how will we ever dismantle the internalized systems of control if we never stop and question our beliefs?


Tatiana "Phoenix" Sakurai is a lightworker, teacher, and author of Lightworker Training: A Practical Guide to Healing with Energy + Consciousness. She facilitates sessions, classes, and circles for students, clients, and community members through the projects of Lightworker Training, Cosmic Fire, and her private practice at

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mask and vaccine mandates happening all over Oregon. Mass psychosis

Mi piace
Tatiana Sakurai
Tatiana Sakurai
14 ago 2021
Risposta a

Yep. LA, SF, NY and NOLA too...with more to come I'm sure. It's sad and frustrating how many folks are so thoroughly brainwashed that they can't see through the lies. We are being tested and many people are failing miserably. We are witnessing in real time who is truly on an ascension path and who is going down with the fall system.

Mi piace
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