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Recession Pricing for December

by DK Brainard

I know a lot of people are hurting, economically as well as psychologically, as we near the end of another Orwellian calendar year.

It recently occurred to me that some of the former clients I assumed had canceled me for thought crimes may just be really hurting financially — in addition to feeling dazed, confused, and depressed by all of the psyops we’ve endured over the last three years.

[I was attacked so frequently by former clients and colleagues in 2020 for standing against the COVID hysteria and global misinformation campaigns that I guess I kinda figured everyone I hadn’t heard from since 2020 must have deleted me.]

But I still have a passion for using my insight, skills and hard-won wisdom to help those who are sincerely doing their best, working to heal their shit, and desiring to live their best life and make a more beautiful world.

So I decided to open up ten $100 sessions in December. Astrology readings, personal coaching, new clients and old are welcome. To claim one of these sessions, please email me at dkbrainard [at] proton [dot] me and I’ll let you know my next available slots.

Caveat: If you’re doing OK financially, please use use my online scheduler to book your next session at the regular price. I haven’t raised my prices in years, so you’ll still save $25 over the cost of a session in 2019 dollars!

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